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November 18, 2014 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Card Operated WashersAre you looking for powerful, card operated washers for your South Florida laundry room? Whether you are interested in opening a new self-service laundry room at your multifamily housing property or planning to update an existing self-service laundry room at your college dormitory or condominium complex, card operated washers offer an enhanced convenience and security that both you and your tenants will appreciate. In addition to providing an innovative payment system that frees you from onerous coin collection duties and the need to count and deposit your revenue, today’s card operated washers offer a number of valuable benefits and options that allow you to customize your laundry room equipment to match your laundry room space and your tenants’ particular laundry needs.

Commercial Laundries carries a large inventory of the best card operated washers in South Florida, with the options and features laundry room owners are looking for. All of our card operated laundry equipment is made by Whirlpool, Maytag, and Speed Queen, the most respected brands in the industry. Our laundry room experts can help you choose the card operated washer models that will allow you to create the ideal self-service laundry room solution for your property:

Card Operated Washers for College Dormitories – Simple cycles and dependable operation make our card operated top load washers the ideal solution for budget conscious college students just learning to launder. Parents can load money onto their students’ laundry cards and relax secure in the knowledge that their children never have to carry cash to the laundry room, and will not be able to misdirect funds intended for their laundry use into recreational pursuits. Our top load washers are durable, offering reliable performance that stands up to students’ mild roughhousing as well as the constant heavy use that some dorm self-service laundry rooms see.

Card Operated Washers for Condominium Complexes – Today’s upwardly mobile condo residents appreciate the sophisticated cycle options of Commercial Laundries’ front load card operated washers, which adjust to a variety of fabric types. Our energy-efficient machines are popular with eco-conscious tenants, and the cashless convenience of our smart card payment system suits their fast-paced lifestyle, allowing them to pay for loads with just an insertion of their laundry card. You can easily enact price adjustments according to time and cycle options as you choose without disturbing your tenants, since Commercial Laundries’ smart card laundry technology allows you incremental pricing increases, which tenants more easily absorb than they would a 25-cent adjustment.

In addition to our large inventory of card operated washer and dryer options, Commercial Laundries also carries new and used coin operated laundry equipment, along with everything you need to create your own self-service laundry solution. Commercial Laundries’ flexible purchasing and leasing options make self-service laundry room ownership affordable for even the most budget-conscious South Florida property owners; call our laundry room experts and start setting up your card operated laundry room solution today!

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and let our laundry room experts help you create your ideal card operated laundry solution today!

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