Card Operated Washers and Dryers

Card Operated Washers and DryersUpgrade your property today with card operated washers and dryers

If you have been researching various types of commercial laundry equipment for your multi-housing rental property, you have most likely come across traditional coin operated machines. While these machines have been used for some time, card operated washers and dryers are becoming the preferred choice for those who seek to install an onsite laundry facility for their tenants.

Card operated washers and dryers offer the latest in technology and provide a hassle and stress-free way for tenants and occupants to pay for their laundry. They also offer numerous benefits to you, the property owner. For instance, if your schedule does not allot time for coin collection and counting, card laundry equipment will make the accounting process a breeze. Thanks to a CleanPay kiosk that will be installed in your laundry facility, every transaction will be digitally archived. When it comes time to do your bookkeeping, a digital record will be available. Another great benefit is having the ability to increase prices on a smaller scale, which is less noticeable to tenants. With traditional coin operated systems, increments were quite noticeable, as they had to come in the form of a specific coin increase. Because card operated systems are paid for with a quick swipe of a Smartcard, increments of a few pennies during busy wash days or times aren’t as jarring to your tenants and they can help you generate additional income over time.

Card operated washers and dryers can also help make your rental property more attractive. Here’s how: according to a National Multi-Housing Council survey, properties that have an onsite laundry facility rank higher on a potential renters list. In addition, having laundry capabilities ranks in the top three of most sought after amenities according to renters. By offering this valuable amenity, you relieve tenants of having to spend time, money and energy hauling their laundry to an outside Laundromat after a long day of work. In addition, you have a means of providing extra income for yourself.

At Commercial Laundries, the leaders in laundry in South Florida, we have helped countless companies over the past several decades design and install an ideal onsite laundry facility that meets both their needs and the needs of their tenants. With our affordable leasing programs, offering card operated washers and dryers to renters is simple, easy and inexpensive.

Whether you choose new or used laundry equipment, every of our commercial washers and dryers will come with its own warranty. In addition, one of our skilled team members will work alongside you from your initial consultation through the life of the relationship. He or she will analyze your available space, help you select new or used options, compare our lease vs. purchasing programs with you, and explain the benefits to stackables, top loading and front loading equipment.

Is it time to upgrade your property with card operated washers and dryers? If so, contact Commercial Laundries today by visiting us online or calling us at 1-855-254-WASH. These high-tech systems are more affordable than you may think and offer you the opportunity to generate income and excite future tenants!

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