Best Card Operated Washer and Dryer Commercial Machines

July 3, 2014 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

Best Card Operated Washer and Dryer Commercial MachinesCard-operated washers and dryers have revolutionized self-service laundry rooms, making them safer, more convenient, and easier to operate than ever before. In the past, coin-operated laundry machines were the only equipment available to property managers who wanted to offer their residents the convenience of an on-site laundry room. With the advent of smart card technology, the choices for laundry room owners have expanded. Traditional coin operated laundry room equipment is still the equipment of choice for many laundry room owners, but some machines have security issues that can leave a facility vulnerable to theft and other risks. By choosing card operated washer and dryer commercial machines, owners can eliminate these vulnerabilities. 

Card operated laundry equipment relies on smart card technology, which eliminates the use of coins to pay for laundry cycles. The best card-operated washer and dryer commercial machines offer a myriad of benefits for owners and residents, including:

Enhanced Laundry Experience
Tenants appreciate the convenience of smart card laundry technology, including no more hassles digging out coins or trying to operate coin slides, which can break or jam. They are issued a rechargeable card, which they add value to at any time using cash, credit cards, or debit cards. To pay for uses of the commercial washers and dryers, the card is simply swiped and the amount is deducted from the balance. This simplicity enhances the laundry experience for residents while providing a clear and easy way to keep track of laundry expenses.

Increased Reliability
Card operated laundry machines are more reliable than coin operated washers and dryers, since there are  less moving parts such as coin mechanisms, which can get jammed, worn out, or broken.

Upgraded Security
When you upgrade to smart card laundry technology, your tenants pay for every wash, as there is no way to slip in foreign coins or slugs instead of usable currency. Coin boxes can be broken into or stolen; by switching to a cashless system, you eliminate the risk of cash loss and create a safer environment for residents.

Improved Revenue
Smart card technology makes it easy to implement small, frequent price increases, which residents accept more easily than increases of 25 cents at a time. Owners can implement premium pricing schedules, charging more for during peak use times. This can help eliminate crowding during your busiest times while improving your revenue stream. Owners may also want to charge more for a wash cycle that uses hot water versus one that only uses cold water.

Easy Bookkeeping
Smart cards provide a clear audit trail that makes bookkeeping much easier, by delivering all of the reporting functionality necessary to properly manage your laundry room operation.

Commercial Laundries is committed to offering clients the most innovative commercial laundry equipment and accessories available on the market. We carry a full line of new and used laundry room equipment, including coin- and card- operated commercial washers and dryers. You can choose from several purchasing and leasing options, to create the laundry room operation that best suits your needs. We look forward to helping you choose the self-service laundry equipment and purchasing options that best suit your needs.

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