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September 15, 2021 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment , Orlando

Card Operated Speed Queen Laundry Equipment - Commercial Laundries Orlando

If you want washers and dryers you can depend on and a brand name that you can trust, invest in Speed Queen card operated laundry equipment.

Nothing matches up to top-quality performance and innovation like Speed Queen card operated laundry equipment.  With over a century’s worth of experience under their belt, Speed Queen has delivered time and time again with their expertise and groundbreaking machines.  Give your residents the laundry amenity they desire with card operated Speed Queen laundry equipment.  Sure to add great value to your laundry facility, invest in machines that you can depend on and be proud of.

A Brand You Can Count On

Speed Queen, an American company founded in 1908, has made quite the name for itself over the decades and continues to surprise consumers year after year.  Among the most well-known on the market, Speed Queen card operated laundry equipment is one of the most trusted top choices for commercial facilities.  And as one of the largest producers of commercial-grade laundry machines, their equipment has some of the best minds behind them to produce superior products that are built to last.

Unparalleled Quality

For your laundry facility, you want washers and dryers that will be top performers and be a sound investment for years to come.  Speed Queen’s commercial-grade equipment has a heavy-duty design with sophisticated mechanics, constructed to withstand the demands of a high-traffic laundry facility.

Sophisticated Controls

With card operated Speed Queen laundry equipment, you can reimagine your laundry facility and your customers’ laundry experience.  These machines are easy to use and understand and are quickly adapted and accepted by consumers.  With their large displays, basic cycles, and customizable options, washers and dryers are designed for all different types of users, depending on their needs.  Their easy-to-understand cycle modifiers encourage customers to modify their laundry, increasing user satisfaction and usage.

Innovative Performance and Mobile App

Through the Speed Queen mobile laundry app for card operated and cashless payment systems, your residents can pay for their laundry using their smartphones.  They can also earn points and rewards, giving them incentives to use your facility and machines over the competition.  With the WashAlert notifications, residents will get alerts letting them know about their laundry status and when a machine becomes available.  They can also communicate with you to bring machine issues to your attention for a quick response.  Speed Queen’s ‘effortless laundry’ motto is apparent and widely accepted with all their advanced yet comprehensive controls.

Advanced Control for Property Owners

Have more control over your laundry room than you ever imagined with card operated Speed Queen laundry equipment and their Quantum controls.  As a property owner, you will also appreciate their flexible pricing options for the opportunity to increase profits and offer discounts for time-of-day pricing.  With adjustable cost structures, you can program power-saving shut down times, initiated service alerts, and receive data on your business operation.  Through the online database, you can also view your profits, receive user data and habit information, offer discounts, and adjust pricing, encouraging and supporting a more remote management style.

Affordable Commercial Speed Queen Washers and Dryers for Sale

Get the most dependable commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers for sale when you team up with us at Commercial Laundries Orlando.  Our wide selection of Speed Queen washers and dryers will ensure that you get exactly what you need for your facility all within budget.  Our competitive prices and all-inclusive commercial laundry lease program are what sets us apart from all the others.  Get brand new equipment paired with free delivery and service and maintenance to help you take care of your facility and save a ton in the end.

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