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November 4, 2014 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

 Card Operated Laundry MachinesIf you are interested in attracting a more upscale clientele to your Broward rental property, upgrading your self-service laundry room with the latest smart card operated laundry machines can provide an extra advantage that will bring these high-priority renters to your door. While coin operated washers and dryers have traditionally been some of the more popular amenities offered by Broward property owners, today’s discerning tenants appreciate the improved convenience, safety, and enhanced laundry experience offered by the latest card operated laundry equipment. Commercial Laundries’ card operated washers and dryers provide a number of benefits to owners as well, making your selection of them a true “win-win” situation that can help ensure your rental property success!

Some of the many benefits that make Commercial Laundries’ energy-efficient card operated washers and dryers so attractive to tenants and owners include:

Enhanced Tenant Laundry Experience – When you install Commercial Laundries’ card operated laundry machines, your residents are freed from the hassle of hunting down coins for laundry day or fighting with coin slides that can jam and break. Instead, they use a reusable smart card loaded with funds from their debit cards, credit cards, or cash that provides them with a clear and easy way to track their laundry expenses. To pay for laundry loads, tenants simply swipe their card and the payment amount is instantly deducted from their card balance, an on-the-go convenience that meshes perfectly with today’s tenants’ fast-paced lifestyle. Since your residents no longer need to carry cash for their laundry trips, they provide less of a temptation to thieves and can enjoy a greater degree of security while in your self-service laundry room.

Improved Revenue Opportunity – Every smart card washer and dryer that we install gives you an opportunity to increase your revenue stream while eliminating the financial drains that some coin operated laundry equipment can create. You can relax, secure in the knowledge that tenants are paying for every laundry load since they cannot slip in foreign coins or slugs or break into your coin boxes. Smart card technology makes it easy for you to implement small, frequent price increases that your residents will absorb more easily than they would a 25-cent increase. You can put into place premium pricing schedules, charging more during peak usage times; these premium pricing schedules can help eliminate bottlenecks and spread out laundry room usage while increasing your revenue stream.

Time-Saving Convenience – Switching to Commercial Laundries’ card operated laundry equipment eliminates the time-consuming chores associated with coin-operated equipment, allowing you to get back to the business of managing your property. There are no coins to collect or count, and you never have to waste time transporting those heavy coins to make a bank deposit again! Our smart card technology includes a reporting functionality that provides a clear audit trail that makes bookkeeping a breeze.

Commercial Laundries’ technologically sophisticated card laundry machines are available through our flexible leasing and financing options, with terms that make it affordable for all Broward rental property owners to upgrade their laundry rooms. We carry a wide selection of new and used card operated washers and dryers from the most respected brands in the industry, with makes and models to suit every need. At Commercial Laundries, we do our best to ensure your laundry equipment provides reliable performance for years to come, with full-time, professionally trained and insured technicians who can provide expert local commercial washer repair services when needed.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to start enjoying the benefits that card-operated laundry machines can bring to your Broward laundry room facility!

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