Card Operated Laundry Machines for Sale in Orlando

April 19, 2017 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment , Orlando

Looking for card operated laundry machines for sale in the Orlando area? We’ve got just what you need.

Card Operated Laundry Machines for SaleTake a step into the future and make life easier for yourself with new card operated laundry machines for sale in Orlando. The new Smart Card technology can offer you and your patrons many advantages that coin machines cannot provide. You can transition into card operated laundry equipment slowly, with just a few machines at a time. And you may still want to keep some coin operated machines just to let your patrons select their own preference.

Commercial Laundries is a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida serving a variety of private, commercial, industrial and institutional businesses.  We offer many commercial laundry products and services, and we are committed to assisting our clientele in operating an efficient and successful commercial laundry business. Our commercial laundry equipment Orlando includes front and top loading machines, and also stackable equipment for laundry facilities with a limited amount of space. We carry new and pre-owned card operated laundry machines for sale at competitive market prices, by such noted manufacturers as Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen.  And, we can assist you in making the transition to card operated machines by working within your budget to achieve your laundry facility needs and goals.

Once you begin the transition, you may notice that most patrons prefer card operated machinery because it is easy to use. All they have to do is scan their plastic card in the scanner to engage the machines, instead of worrying about having enough coins on hand to do the job. All of the card transactions are stored on the microprocessor chip imbedded in the card, and the card will be debited with each transaction. Your patrons can easily add more credit to their card by simply using a credit/debit card at the Clean Pay kiosk system located in your laundry facility. And you won’t have to empty out coin vaults from each machine, because each transaction will be delivered electronically to your account. This makes book keeping a much simpler task too, and you will also be able to make price increases by smaller increments.

Our commercial laundry equipment Orlando will bring you and your patrons many great benefits such as:

  • Multiple water temperatures and wash cycles
  • Stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs in all washers
  • Improved automatic balancing suspension systems
  • Easy to read and use touch pad digital display panels
  • Quiet high-efficiency blower systems on all dryers
  • Quick speed agitation and extraction features to save time and money
  • DOE compliant easy access machines to serve the handicapped community
  • Energy Star rated laundry equipment to reduce energy usage and costs

We can provide your business with the best card operated laundry machines for sale in Orlando, and if you can’t make a large investment right now we also offer popular lease options that will fit right into your budget. You can still upgrade to card operated machines without the expense. All lease options are tax deductible, and you will receive regular maintenance visits and repair services free of charge on all leased equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract.

When you partner with us, we make it our business to help you operate a successful laundry facility by providing many services and resources. We maintain a 15,000 square foot warehouse fully stocked with laundry equipment and parts, so that we are equipped and ready to serve all of our partners’ laundry facility needs. If there is ever a problem with one of your laundry machines, our service technicians and mechanics address the problem in a timely manner. We provide many services including delivery, installation, removal of old machines, maintenance visits, repair services, and Utility Assessment Reports. You are in good hands when you partner with us for your commercial laundry needs.

To learn more about our card operated laundry machines for sale in Orlando, and other products too, call Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 407-986-1410.

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