Card Operated Laundry Equipment in Fort Myers

Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Install premium card operated laundry equipment in your laundry facility.

Now is your chance to replace old, worn laundry equipment with our best credit card operated laundry machines. For an upscale laundry facility that is a cut above the rest, get technically advanced card operated laundry equipment. New card technology offers you and your clients a simple and convenient way to perform laundry tasks.

Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Collecting coins for laundry services will be a thing of the past with new credit card operated laundry machines. Your clients will appreciate the fact that they can wash their laundry at will, without first collecting coins to use your machines. And you can appreciate how great it will be to not have to collect coins from every machine in your laundry facility.

We offer a great line of card operated laundry equipment built by famous manufacturers like Whirlpool, Miele, Speed Queen and Maytag. Our laundry machines are built with technical advancements that offer high performance and operate using less water, gas and electric. Not only will you save money on utility bills, but credit card operated laundry machines are a valued amenity that provides many great features and benefits:

• Our card operated laundry equipment electronically records each laundry transaction that takes place in your laundry facility, and credits it to your account. This process is a great benefit to you when you want to perform bookkeeping tasks because all laundry transaction data is available and can easily be accessed via a desktop or mobile device. You can enjoy an effortless and efficient accounting system that can save you precious time, and energy.

• Another great feature of our credit card operated laundry machines is that you can easily increase your laundry-load prices in smaller increments.

• You will also be able to customize specific pricing schedules based on busy and slow days, and times of the week. You can set-up distinct pricing for special promotions on slow days and times, helping to avoid bottle-necks on peak laundry days. This is a great service for clients who don’t have the time to wait for available machines on busy days.

• Your card op machines also bring peace of mind from worrying about coin vault tampering and theft. Your earnings are automatically placed into your business account electronically.

• Our washing machine for sale is equipped with smooth stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs to prevent laundry from being damaged during the wash cycle.

• All of our washing machines for sale are also equipped with advanced agitation and extraction systems that turn out a cleaner and drier laundry outcome that requires less dryer time.

• Dryers are equipped with galvanized steel cylinders and powerful blower systems.

• All of our card operated laundry equipment has easy to read and operate digital display dashboards offering multiple dispenser trays, cycle options, and water temperature selections.

• We also carry ADA compliant, card op laundry equipment that is built for easy access to better serve the handicapped community.

• Our credit card operated laundry machines are durably built with solid construction for sustainability, efficiency, and high-performance.

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