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August 19, 2014 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Card Operated Laundry Equipment BrowardAre you interested in upgrading your self-service laundry room equipment to a card-operated solution? Like many multi-family property owners, you made the wise decision to add a self-service laundry room to your property, outfitting it with coin-operated washers and dryers. While your coin-operated laundry room equipment has served you well, it does come with certain responsibilities and duties that can become wearying over time. This could be the ideal time to upgrade to a card operated laundry solution – Commercial Laundries can outfit your laundry room with the latest innovative card operated laundry equipment in Broward, freeing you from coin-related hassles so you have more time to concentrate on your primary business. The following questions should help you decide if upgrading to a card-operated laundry room solution is the right decision for you:

Are you tired of collecting the coins from your laundry machines? With coin operated washers and dryers, you are responsible for collecting, counting, and depositing the coins generated – a time-consuming round of tasks that can quickly become an onerous chore. With Commercial Laundries’ smart card laundry technology, there is no need for coins and collections. Instead, your tenants get a rechargeable smart card from our conveniently located VTM (Value Transfer Machine), paying for their laundry cycles with a swipe of their card instead of with coins. We can customize the VTM to accept cash and/or debit and credit cards, providing a clear audit trail that makes bookkeeping much easier.

Are you tired of losing revenue due to jammed coin slides, fraudulent currency, and stolen coins? Coin operated laundry machines can leave owners vulnerable to income losses from several sources: jammed or malfunctioning equipment, larcenous tenants who steal cycles with foreign or fake coins, and outright thieves who steal coin boxes from your laundry machines. You and your tenants will enjoy the increased security garnered when you upgrade to smart card technology; these avenues of possible loss are eliminated because no coins are involved, and your customers have a safer laundry experience with little to tempt thieves.

In addition to eliminating your revenue losses, switching to card operated laundry equipment actually makes it easier for you to generate income. Smart card technology allows you to implement small, frequent price increases, which residents accept more easily than increases of 25 cents at a time.

Did you recently buy coin operated machines and wished that you could have gotten card-operated machines? At Commercial Laundries, we have more than 45 years’ experience in creating  Broward laundry room solutions. Our dedicated laundry room experts will work with you to customize a card operated laundry room solution to help you get the card-operated machines you are longing for. Commercial Laundries’ competitive pricing and flexible financing plans may allow you to obtain the innovative smart card washers and dryers in Broward that you thought was out of your reach.

Whether you are setting up a new card operated laundry room or are interested in converting your coin operated system to the convenience and higher revenue generated by a card operated laundry room, we can create the customized laundry solution to achieve your goals.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and let our laundry room experts help you upgrade to a card operated laundry solution today!

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