How Card Operated Commercial Washing Machines Work

April 25, 2019 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

commercial washing machinesUpgrade your laundry facility with reliable commercial washing machines from the leaders in laundry.

Are you finding it difficult trying to understand the technical terms of advanced commercial washing machines? If you haven’t purchased commercial laundry equipment in a long time, you might find terms like “G-force” and “card technology” confusing.

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At Commercial Laundries, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the technical terms of today’s commercial washing machines. Our sales reps can decode any technical information so that you can understand how it applies to each specific machine model.

Buy Commercial Washing Machines in Miami

You may be thinking about upgrading your commercial laundry facility with some new, card operated Miami commercial washing machine equipment. Coinless laundry systems are rising in popularity among new generations of tech-savvy patrons. The new card technology offers convenience, and a reliable method of storing all laundry transactions that are easily accessed for accounting tasks.

Card operated commercial washing machines provide many assets that both you and your patrons can enjoy. Our card operated laundry system works by using a private debit card that is issued to each patron for their personal use. Your patrons can easily credit their card before using it, and re-credit it whenever necessary, by using the CleanPay Kiosk located in your laundry facility. Patrons can credit their laundry card by using cash, or a debit or credit card, via the CleanPay system.

With new card technology, all laundry transactions are stored on the microprocessor chip that is imbedded in the patron’s laundry card, and each transaction will add a debit to their card. Card technology ensures that all laundry transaction data is recorded and stored, and will be delivered electronically to your specific account. By accessing transaction data, you will know exactly how many laundry transactions occurred and how much money was credited to your account. You will have all the information that you need in advance, so that you can easily perform bookkeeping tasks.

Miami Commercial Washing Machine Benefits

You and your patrons can enjoy the best of our Miami commercial washing machine equipment. We have a large inventory of famous brand name commercial washing machines and dryers, built with advanced engineering to bring you cost-effective savings along with high-performance. When you buy commercial washing machines in Miami from us, you receive:

  • Smooth stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs that help to prevent laundry pulls and damage.
  • Our G-Force high-speed agitation and extraction performance is tops in its class and provides a cleaner laundry outcome with less moisture residue.
  • We carry front and top loading Miami commercial washing machine equipment, and also ADA compliant laundry machines designed specifically to serve the handicapped community.
  • When you buy commercial washing machines in Miami from us, you receive Energy Star certified laundry equipment that delivers substantial savings in water, gas and electric costs. Plus, you will also be conserving the natural environment by saving thousands of gallons of water annually. You can expect to see up to a 50 percent reduction in water usage, and a 30 percent reduction is hot water usage with our machines. These features can make a significant reduction in your overall operating costs.
  • Dryers are equipped with powerful blower systems that dry laundry quickly and quietly.
  • All of our laundry products have digital display dashboards that offer multiple cycle options, dispenser trays, and water temperature selections.
  • Our service contracts leave you free from worry about breakdowns and costly repairs.

If you are in the Miami area, you can get the best commercial washing machines for your laundry facility by contacting Commercial Laundries today at: 855-254-9274. 

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