Card Op Washers and Dryers

August 28, 2020 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment , Orlando

Card Op Washers and Dryers

Card op machines for commercial washers and dryers are user friendly, clean, and offer an array of payment options for multi-family housing.

Card operated laundry equipment is so simple to operate and monitor, you will wonder why you didn’t invest in them earlier.  Their convenient features and variety of payment options will give you a huge boost in your profits and resident satisfaction.  The more payment options available to your residents, the more satisfied they will be with your laundry facility and the more likely they will be to continue using your laundry machines.  Most people choose to pay with debit or credit cards and your laundry room will cater to their needs and preferences.

User Friendly Card Operated Laundry Equipment Operation

Card op washers and dryers make doing laundry a breeze and less of a hassle.  With the purchase of a smart card, users can start machines with a simple swipe and not have to worry about exact change or having cash on hand.  Residents simply select from the many wash and dry options and credit is automatically deducted from their account.  They also allow property managers and residents to connect to machines and monitor them remotely, giving both more freedom.  Users can receive alerts and notifications via smartphone on laundry status and machine availability.  When it comes to the mundane chore of doing laundry, you want to make it as easy and clean as possible for your residents. 

Sleek and Clean Laundry Machines

Card op washers and dryers have come a long way and are now designed with a sleek and less intimidating design.  With their digital displays and easy to follow instructions, your residents can easily upgrade their wash and dry preferences smoothly.  Machines are constructed with stainless steel or porcelain enamel wash tubs for a more superior clean that is tough on stains and gentle on clothing.  As the world moves towards more contactless options, card op machines are more secure, convenient, and durable.

Payments for Card Op Washers and Dryers

When it comes to incorporating card operated laundry equipment in your laundry facility, there are several payment options that you can offer to your tenants. 

VTM Card  

VTMs or value transfer machines are an easy way to make a smooth transition to card op washers and dryers.  With the VTM machine located in your laundry facility, residents purchase a smart card for $5 and load it with monetary value.  Customers can then add credit to their cards for all future card operated laundry equipment usage.  Simply insert the smart card into the machine and insert cash to add funds on the card.

CleanPay Credit Kiosk

CleanPay Credit Kiosks are your cashless and vandalism solution to your evolving laundry room.  Tenants purchase a card and add value to their account with a credit or debit card.  With the elimination of cash in your facility all your profit is automatically calculated and added to your business account for a more reliable and secure system.

CleanPay Mobile App     

The CleanPay mobile application allows residents to add credit to their account on their smartphones and activate machines via Bluetooth.  For a complete contactless laundry experience, learn more about mobile app laundry payment system equipment.

Buy or Lease Card Op Equipment

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando we have premium equipment from world famous manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool.  Whether you purchase or lease your equipment, you have your choice from all our quality equipment.  Our refurbished coin op washers and dryers have been rigorously tested and guaranteed to meet your high standards and are another affordable option.  For a more budget friendly and cost effective solution, lease commercial laundry and receive free service and maintenance for the lifetime of your lease. 

Commercial Laundries Orlando is here to make laundry more manageable for you and your residents.  Contact us today at, (407) 986-1410 for more information on our card op washers and dryers and CleanPay kiosks for your laundry facility.

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