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October 2, 2014 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Card Op Laundry EquipmentAs an astute Palm Beach multifamily housing property owner, you realize opening a self-service laundry room would allow you to maximize your profits while providing valuable tenant benefits, but security concerns and a lack of free time have made you reluctant to use coin operated laundry machines. Commercial Laundries’ smart card operated laundry equipment could be the ideal solution! Our powerful card operated washers and dryers have transformed the operation of Palm Beach self-service laundry rooms, making them much safer for tenants to use while eliminating the coin-collection duties that can infringe on property owners’ time.

Self-service laundry rooms in Palm Beach are generally open around the clock so tenants who who have a busy schedule can take care of their laundering needs. This extended schedule provides the opportunity for unscrupulous tenants and transients to steal from laundry machine coin boxes or even abscond with the entire coin box. Smart-card operated laundry equipment operates as a cashless payment system, however, you can have a the option to accept currency as well.  Commercial Laundries also offers technologies whereby tenants can add value to their cards over the Internet.Smart card operated washers and dryers provide housing property owners with additional opportunities to improve their revenue. Coin operated laundry machines only allow owners to enact large pricing increases of 25 cents or more, which are quite noticeable and often strenuously objected to by tenants. With Commercial Laundries’ Palm Beach smart card laundry technology, owners can make small, frequent price increases that tenants accept without complaint. Premium pricing schedules can be implemented that adjust pricing throughout the day and week, charging more during peak usage hours on the busiest days. This serves multiple purposes at once, improving owners’ revenue stream while creating a more enjoyable laundry room environment for tenants by reducing crowding during peak use times.

Palm Beach tenants appreciate the exceptional ease and speed smart card technology brings to laundry room transactions. No need to lug bulky coins around or to scramble to find change; they just load money onto their rechargeable card using cash, credit, or a debit card at any time at thecentral payment terminal. Paying for laundry loads is simplicity itself, with no cumbersome coin slides that can jam and break. Tenants just swipe their card, and the amount is deducted from the card’s balance – an on-the-go convenience that fits in perfectly with their active Palm Beach lifestyle!

As a busy Palm Beach housing property owner, you already have a full schedule. You cannot afford the time investment required to collect, count, and deposit the cash generated by coin operated laundry rooms. The cashless convenience of our card op laundry room solutions is ideal for you: there is nothing to collect or process, and you never have to worry about carrying large cash amounts to the bank to deposit. The terminal that recharges your tenants’ cards keeps track of all  the cash and cashless transactions for you, establishing a clear audit trail that makes bookkeeping a breeze!

Commercial Laundries is committed to helping Palm Beach commercial laundry room owners succeed. Talk to one of our laundry room specialists about our flexible pricing and leasing options – they make outfitting your self-service laundry room with the latest card op washers and dryers in Palm Beach  more affordable than you ever thought possible!

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to discover more ways our Palm Beach card operated laundry equipment can help you improve tenant satisfaction while increasing your revenue stream!

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