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March 17, 2016 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Transform your structure by adding card operated laundry equipment.

Card operated laundry equipmentIf your multi-housing rental property houses tenants who appreciate technology and are seeking easy to use laundry options, upgrading to card operated laundry equipment may be the right choice for you. Offering an onsite laundry option is a top amenity sought after by many tenants and renters. In fact, this amenity is so popular that The National Multi-housing Council states it lands in the top three of desired amenities in their surveys. Not only will offering this amenity help entice future tenants and satisfy current tenants, but it also offers you a way to generate an additional revenue stream.

At Commercial Laundries, we have helped plan and outfit thousands of properties and structures across Florida that were in need of an onsite laundry facility. From hospitals and senior housing facilities to dormitories, multi-rental properties, industrial buildings and more, there are so many commercial laundry options available in our 15,000 square foot warehouse. Our card operated washers and dryers come in a multitude of styles from front loading and top loading equipment to stackable, space saving options.

Building owners and managers love our card operated laundry equipment because of its ease of use and sleek design. Card operated equipment allows your tenants to complete a load of laundry through the swipe of their Smartcard. Each tenant will receive a Smartcard and every onsite laundry facility built with card operated equipment will have a CleanPay kiosk installed in the laundry area. The CleanPay kiosk is the central terminal where tenants will refill their Smartcard via their debit/credit card or cash. By doing so, the need to carry around large amounts of coin or cash is diminished and could lead to a safer laundry area in your building. The CleanPay kiosk also makes bookkeeping and accounting a breeze for property owners. Because every transaction is digitally recorded and archived, you can receive a print out quickly and easily when you are ready to begin the accounting process.

Depending on your budget, tenant needs, available space and laundry requirements, one of our experienced laundry representatives can help you choose the best make and model for your onsite laundry facility. At Commercial Laundries, we only work with the leading laundry equipment manufacturers such as Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen. These companies have built solid reputations for crafting long-lasting, durable and heavy-duty machinery that is required for continuous laundry needs.

If space is a concern, ask your representative to show you our space saving stackable options. Taking up half the floor space traditional equipment, these machines are efficient and long lasting. Front loaders are the ideal option if you have tenants with mobility concerns, or if you are seeking a machine that is considered the most efficient and energy saving. Top loading equipment is one of the most popular types of laundry equipment and has been used for many decades. Reliable and strong, these machines are known for handling large amounts of laundry.

Learn more about your options and see our extensive inventory of card operated laundry equipment in our fully stocked, massive warehouse. Upgrading your property today is easy and affordable with our customizable lease options and purchase plans.

Call Commercial Laundries today at 1-855-254-WASH and learn more about how to install card operated laundry equipment in your property.

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