Advantages of Buying Stackable Laundry Machines

January 30, 2020 | Categories: Laundry Equipment , News

Advantages of Buying Stackable Laundry Machines _

Adding a communal laundry area to your apartment complex may come with a lot of questions but even more benefits.  Buying stackable laundry machines may be the answer to all of your doubts.

There are many different options on the market today.  Every multi-housing complex is different and that also goes for their laundry needs.  Stackable washers and dryers may be the answer to all of your questions and concerns.  Why do you need a communal laundry room?  Do you have enough room to incorporate enough machines for your tenants?  How much will this cost you?  Sound familiar?  These may be some of the many questions you are asking yourself.  We are here to help. 

Contact us at Commercial Laundries Miami with all your inquiries and we will be happy to help you in this next chapter in your business.  In the meantime, let’s take a look at the many benefits of integrating a laundry room with stackable laundry equipment to your property.

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Extra Revenue

Why do you want a laundry room on your property in the first place?  There is always a way to earn a little extra money with a little investment.  When it comes to renting an apartment, a laundry room is at the top of everyone’s list.  It is convenient and more economical than going to a laundromat.  Having a communal laundry room will attract new renters and it will also improve your current renters’ satisfaction.    

Stackable washer and dryer machines will help you maximize the area you have available by stacking the dryers on top of the washing machines.  The more machines you provide your tenants with, the less time they will have to wait for available washers or dryers.  Your tenants will no longer have to go to the laundromat and new potential renters will be more inclined to view your apartment complex as their next home. 


Why choose stackable washer and dryer machines?  The answer is simple.  They are space savers.  Space is something you mustn’t take for granted as every square foot is money in your pocket.   Stackable machines take up half the amount of room as side by side models, giving you the opportunity to provide plenty of machines for your tenants.  Stackable washers and dryers allow you to maximize on the floor to ceiling footage which is usually lost.

Commercial Laundries Miami can help you amplify the space you have and work on a configuration that suits your buildings.  Contact us today for a free estimate.


Stackable washer and dryer machines have just as much oomph and power as standardized machines with less floor space.  And with stackable models, you aren’t limited to electric machines as you are with all-in-one models.  They are available in both gas and electric, depending on your utility needs and can be installed on all floor types and levels.  They have the same connections as standard washer and dryers with no additional electrical or plumbing needed.

Frontloading machines may have gotten a bad rap in the past, but today’s models are durable, efficient and are 100% ADA compliant.  “Bells and whistles” included. Have a look at our cutting edge Quantum control system from Speed Queen.

Energy Efficient

Adding stackable washers and dryers to your multi-housing complex will not only generate additional revenue, but they will help you save money in the long run with their energy efficiency.  Front loading machines use less water and energy and not to mention, less detergent; saving you an abundance in utility costs.  Our Energy Star Certified stackable washers and dryers will do wonders for our environment and your wallet. 

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