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October 28, 2019 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , fort myers , Laundry Equipment

top loading washing machines

Discover some of the best washing machines to buy for your facility at Commercial Laundries.

Looking to purchase some new laundry equipment can be tricky these days, especially with so much hype about front load machines. While it is true that front loaders have a lot to offer, top loading washing machines still bring plenty of benefits too.

Always known as the workhorses of the laundry industry, top loading washing machines have a strong agitation system that is great for digging deep into laundry fibers to remove dirt and grime. With such a high performance level, top loaders are still some of the best washing machines to buy for your commercial laundry business.

Top Load Washer and Dryer Sets

Here at Commercial Laundries in Fort Myers, we have a great inventory of top load washer and dryer sets made by world-famous manufacturers like Speed Queen, Miele, Whirlpool, and Maytag.

Our commercial laundry products are not available in big box stores, but sold only through authorized dealers like us, assuring that you are receiving some of the best top load washer and dryer sets designed and built for commercial and industrial use. Here are a few facts to consider:

1. Operating a commercial laundry facility that is self-sustaining takes some thought. Considering that front loading washing machines often have a problem with mold and mildew collecting in the doors, and water leaking from faulty door seals, could be red flags to think about.

Front-loaders can be high maintenance machines that may require extra time and effort on your part. With top load washing machines, these problems virtually disappear, leaving you free to attend to other interests.

2. With new government standards focused on conserving water and energy, front-loading machines were at the forefront because they could operate using fewer commodities. But laundry industry manufacturers have re-configured top loading machines to compete with front loaders, by creating a larger washtub space by eliminating the agitators and also delivering cost-effective savings in water and utilities.

3. Our top load washer and dryer sets are some of the best laundry machines to buy on the market today that can prove to be a valuable asset to your laundry business. Our top loading washing machines have advanced precision engineering built for efficiency and top-level performance, that can stand against any competition.

4. Many of the new top load washing machines use low-profile impellers that allow laundry fabrics to scrub against each other, rather than being pushed and pulled across an agitator pole. This process is gentler on fabrics and helps to retain the fabric’s integrity, pleasing your patrons with an excellent laundry outcome that doesn’t wear-out their laundry.

5. Top load washer and dryer sets do not require bases to raise the machines higher so that patrons don’t have to keep bending to place and retrieve their laundry. Plus, many top load washer and dryer sets are still less expensive to purchase than front load machines.

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Best Washing Machines to Buy

Our top load washing machines have digital display dashboards that offer a variety of options that include: multiple cycles, wash speeds, water temperatures, and dispenser trays. Advanced suspension systems can automatically re-balance a wash load, virtually eliminating vibrations and loud noises; making our products the best washing machines to buy for your laundry facility.

You can select from a great variety of attractive chip-resistant cabinet styles to give your facility a modern, clean look. All of our top load washer and dryer sets are durably built with solid construction, steel drums and metal components for high-speed endurance and longevity.

Precision engineering reduces wear and tear on machine parts, and provides a dependable performance that your patrons can count on.

If you are looking for some of the best washing machines to buy in Fort Myers, we have what you need. Our laundry products provide an instant upgrade to your facility and will help to retain a satisfied clientele.

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