Where to Buy Speed Queen Coin Operated Dryers and Washing Machines

speed queen coin operated dryer

Save money with Speed Queen coin operated dryers and washers from Commercial Laundries.

Having a successful on-site laundry business takes knowledge and insight, and that means knowing which type of laundry machines will work best for your business. Commercial Laundries can help you select the right kind of Speed Queen coin op dryers and washers for sale that will be an asset to your business goals and expectations. 

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Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Excellence

We carry top quality laundry machines built specifically for the commercial laundry industry, by famous manufacturers you trust like Speed Queen. You and your patrons will enjoy the great benefits of our laundry Speed Queen products, including:

  • Our Speed Queen coin operated dryers and washing machines are Energy Star certified to bring you significant savings in utility costs, reduce machine wear and tear, and also protect the natural environment.
  • Our Speed Queen card operated stack dryer and washer unit provides a space saving solution to laundry facilities with a limited amount of space. Another great feature of our Speed Queen card operated stack dryer and washer unit is that it provides the same power and excellent laundry outcome as regular sized laundry equipment.
  • Our coin op washer and dryer for sale is equipped with easy coin slide access and large capacity coin vaults that are durably built to withstand tampering and theft. Coin vaults are also designed to reject foreign money, slugs or other types of counterfeit payments.
  • Speed Queen coin operated dryers have a powerful blower and exhaust system that reduces drying time and energy usage.
  • Speed Queen washing machines are equipped with innovative suspension systems and advanced sensing technology to re-balance laundry during the wash cycle.
  • Speed Queen washing machines have optimized extraction features that remove most of the moisture from laundry, which reduces dryer time and utility usage.
  • All Speed Queen card operated stack dryer and washer combos have multi-level vend pricing, and card technology makes bookkeeping tasks easy.
  • We also carry Speed Queen coin operated dryers and washers that meet ADA compliancy standards to serve the handicapped community.

A Leading Commercial Laundry Vendor

Join the team that will give you the most benefits for your money. We are the leading laundry vendor in the commercial and educational sectors of Florida and we are experts at what we do. We can assist you in developing a more profitable business by supplying you with the best laundry products and services that can increase productivity and meet your patron expectations.

We understand the unique needs of our clients and can provide affordable solutions for purchasing or leasing laundry equipment. We have a great support team of highly trained and experienced mechanics and technicians that can maintain your machines so that they operate at their peak performance level. Our team also performs other tasks, such as expediting repair services on all your laundry equipment. Other important services that we provide include: delivery and installation of laundry equipment, removal of irreparable machines, and Utility Assessment Reports.

We have a great inventory selection of new and used, card or coin op washer and dryer for sale or lease. Our machines meet the highest environmental standards and are built with solid construction to meet the demands of daily consistent use. When you partner with us, you gain a great team of professionals who are ready to serve you with the integrity, excellence and respect that you deserve.

You will love the cost-effective savings, and your patrons will love the performance and laundry outcome of our Speed Queen coin operated dryers and washers. For more information about us and our great products and services, contact Commercial Laundries today at: 407-986-1410.

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