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Improve your laundry facility’s productivity while increasing your patron satisfaction and your revenue.

Mobile App Laundry Payment System Equipment

Your residents’ laundry experience should be easy and convenient.  Mobile app laundry payment system equipment will change the way they do and think about laundry all the while making your job easier.  Cashless laundry increases your security, your time and profit.  Not to mention, contactless payments meet the needs and concerns of your patrons in these unprecedented times.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has the system and Laundryvalue app to make it all possible and help you reap the benefits when you setup cashless laundry rooms.

More Time

Cashless laundry rooms and card operated machines are beneficial to both you and your patrons.  As a property manager, mobile app laundry payment system equipment will save you time that you can dedicate to other areas in need.  No more time wasted counting coins or double checking for human error.  Coin jams and shut down machines are a thing of the past.  With your cashless system and our mobile payment laundry app you can operate your facility remotely, audit sales automatically, and monitor equipment status.

More Security

Aside from human error you also have human mistakes.  With the use of a mobile payment laundry app and credit/debit card payments there are less opportunities for fraud and theft.  You will no longer have to monitor your employees and patrons so closely as there is no cash or coin boxes to worry about.

More Revenue

When you setup cashless laundry rooms you will have more control over your pricing and implementing rewards and loyalty discounts.  Through our online platform you will easily be able to adjust pricing in smaller increments rather than 25-cent charges as with coin operated laundry machines.  You can also apply pricing schedules for different times of day or day of the week.  Offering discounts and reward points will also increase customer incentives.  Upselling different wash and dry cycles is also made simpler as patrons are more likely to pay more and upgrade when they are making electronic payments.

More Convenience

Nowadays, many people do not carry around cash, and that is a simple fact.  With the quick swipe of a card or scan of our smartphones, we can make purchases almost anywhere in the world.  Your laundry facility should not be any different.  With the setup of your cashless laundry rooms, your tenants or guests will have access to a convenient laundry experience.  They simply download and register on our user friendly Laundryvalue app and enter their credit or debit card information to begin.  To use any of your machines they can either connect via Bluetooth or scan the QR code.  Through the Laundryvalue app users can also stay connected with their laundry and monitor the status of their machine for even more convenience.

More Hygienic

Amidst these uncertain times, you must demonstrate to your patrons just how important they are by taking their health and safety into consideration.  Through contactless payment options you are doing just.  When you setup cashless laundry rooms you are offering a hygienic laundry experience and greater peace of mind to your patrons.

Get Started

Offer your tenants, guests, or employees multiple payment options to broaden your market and meet their health and safety needs with Commercial Laundries Orlando’s mobile payment laundry app.  With a few tweets and adjustments and your new cashless laundry rooms you can simplify your laundry operation and increase your patron satisfaction.

Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at, (407) 986-1410 to learn more about our Laundryvalue app system and to setup cashless laundry rooms on your property.

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