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August 12, 2019 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment , Laundry Equipment , Orlando

credit card operated laundry machines

Enjoy the benefits of new laundry card system technology with Commercial Laundries Orlando.

Our progressive laundry machines for apartment buildings can bring you the upgrades you are looking for. If you want commercial laundry equipment that is dependable and delivers state-of-the-art technology, we have what you want.

Our credit card operated laundry machines are built by world-famous manufacturers who are known for their premium laundry products. You can have the upscale laundry facility you always wanted when you install our finest laundry card system machines.

Credit Card Operated Laundry Machines

Many of today’s consumers are looking for commercial laundry machines that operate with a credit card because they don’t want to be bothered having to collect coins to do their laundry chores.

To accommodate your patrons, you can install a few credit card operated laundry machines. Once you get accustomed to our card-op laundry machines for apartment buildings, you may decide to add more because you will find that they provide convenient services for you also, such as:

• You won’t have to collect coins from each machine and bring the coins to the bank for deposit. With our laundry card system, each laundry transaction fee will be debited on the credit card used, and the money will be electronically sent to your business account. You can easily access your account at any time, for accounting purposes, etc., and be assured that your money is safe.

• Our credit card operated laundry machines allow you to make price changes in smaller increments with coin-op machines. And you can also make pricing schedules for a specific time of the day, days of the week, and weekends to avoid bottle-necks on high-traffic days and peak hours.

• Another great feature of new laundry card system technology is that your patrons can re-credit their laundry card at any time using cash, or a credit or debit card, at the CleanPay Kiosk located in your laundry facility.

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Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings

If you are the owner of an apartment building and want to purchase new machines for your on-site laundry facility, you can find quality laundry equipment at Commercial Laundries.

Our laundry machines for apartment buildings are durably built to last, and provide excellent laundry services to your tenants. You can select either coin or credit card operated laundry machines, in front or top-loading models.

All of our machines have advanced engineering that provides high performance and a variety of cycle options that your tenants will appreciate. Our laundry machines for apartment buildings are Energy Star certified to deliver energy efficiency savings in water, gas and electric costs.

One valuable feature of our laundry products is that they are designed to operate using less water and energy. You can also save money on operating costs because our machines reduce waste and conserve thousands of gallons of precious water annually.

We are a leading commercial laundry supplier in Florida currently serving thousands of laundry facilities across the state. We put our clients’ best interests first and treat them with the respect, honesty, and professionalism that they deserve.

Our dedicated staff is available to explain the difference between machine makes and models so that you can select the right machines for your type of business.

When you partner with us, you gain a team of professionals who are committed to helping you operate a successful commercial laundry business.

Besides providing you with excellent laundry products, we also provide many valuable services, such as delivery and installation of laundry machines, removal of old equipment, maintenance and repair services, affordable service contracts, and Utility Assessment Reports.

To learn more about us and our laundry machines for apartment buildings, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today at 407-986-1410.

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