The Best Smartphone App Laundry Payment System

smartphone app laundry payment systems

Start this year off fresh with a new smartphone app laundry payment system for your multi-family laundry room

A smartphone app laundry payment systems for commercial washers and dryers comes with numerous benefits for both residents and property managers. With a new laundry payment app, you will see a boost in laundry room usage and an increase in profits along with residents’ satisfaction. A modern and convenient payment system is just what your laundry facility is missing. With Commercial Laundries’ help, you can have your contemporary laundry room up and running in the new year.

Quick and Easy Installation

Here at Commercial Laundries, our set up for machines is quick and simple. First, we will activate your online database and ensure that you have all the right equipment and connections to make installation a cinch. One of our skilled technicians will then install connection devices and place QR scanner codes on each of your machines to allow wireless connection to the laundry payment app via Bluetooth. From there, your residents are ready to start their new laundry experience. 

Laundry Made Easy: Here’s How it Works 

Payment has never been made more straightforward than with smartphone app laundry payment systems. Available for Android and iPhones, tenants download the Laundryvalue application to create an account and upload their payment information. Residents can then use any machine they wish by scanning the QR code or entering the machine’s identification number. Through the app, they can then select their desired cycle and get to cleaning.  

Enhanced Laundry Experience for Your Residents 

With just their phone in hand, your residents can pay for their laundry and access all washers and dryers with a simple click on their smart device. Your tenants no longer have to be concerned about laundry smart cards or whether they have enough coins on hand. The laundry payment app acts as a mobile wallet for your residents and allows them to leave their cash and coins at home. Remote access also allows users to track their laundry’s progress and receive alerts and notifications on load completion and available machines.  

Contactless payment options and the Laundryvalue tracking app will also give your residents the peace of mind they seek in today’s unprecedented times. Remote access allows you to avoid the need for waiting areas, people lingering around, and large crowds, promoting safety and social distancing. 

Distanced Management Style with Remote Access 

For a property owner or manager, the advantages are incomparable to alternative payment systems. A laundry payment app for commercial washers and dryers permits you to have a more ‘hands-off’ approach. 

  • Monitor your laundry facility and machines through an online database and receive alerts and notifications for necessary servicing. 
  • Track purchases and revenue in real-time and have clarity over every transaction. 
  • Instantly increase your security with the elimination of cash and coin vaults.  
  • Easily promote usage, apply discounts, and offer loyalty rewards to increase usage and profits. 
  • With digital transactions, there will be less need for manual hardware repairs. 
  • Quickly grant refunds and correct machine errors from your computer or smart device. 
  • Save on labor and security costs. 

Work with Commercial Laundries: We Handle Everything 

Here at Commercial Laundries, our primary focus is customer service and satisfaction. We are here to make your job easier and ensure that you have a modern and efficient laundry facility for your residents. In today’s technological world, we are helping everyone update their laundry rooms and go cashless. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current payment system, purchase new equipment, or lease commercial washers and dryers, we have the financial solutions to make it all possible.  

Contact us today at (855) 254-9274 to find out more about our laundry payment app for commercial washers and dryers. 

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