Best Commercial Washers and Dryers for Multi-Family Facilities

August 31, 2020 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Orlando

If you are looking for multi-family housing laundry equipment to open a laundry room or update an existing facility, go with premium equipment that is innovative and sure to save you money on utilities.

Whenever you are looking to improve an amenity on your property, you want to choose quality equipment that can stand up to the tasks of everyday use.  Modern commercial washing machines for multi-family housing have taken some innovative turns and would be a great asset to your facility.  Take advantage of energy efficient equipment to reduce your global footprint and your utility costs.  With the variety of payment options out there, you can cater to the needs and desires of your residents and make your job easier in the process.  Take a look at the transformative features of Commercial Laundries Orlando’s premium equipment.

Best Commercial Washers and Dryers for Multi-Family Housing

Quality Equipment from Dependable Manufacturers

When in the market and questioning what are the best commercial washers and dryers for multi-family facilities, our top three choices come from Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen.  Each of these American companies have over a century of experience providing top quality products all over the world.  Built with solid construction and sound engineering, their innovative laundry equipment will deliver on groundbreaking technology and stand the test of time.  Speed Queen alone is one of the largest commercial laundry producers and one of the most preferred for their revolutionary Quantum controls, customizable wash and dry options, and countless wash cycle combinations. 

Energy Efficient Multi-Family Housing Laundry Equipment

As we move forward in today’s technological and ever so changing world, it is important that we make conscious decisions about our consumption and global impact.  Multi-family housing laundry equipment has come a long way in doing its part to reduce carbon emissions and waste.  Energy efficient washers and dryers use about 45% less water than conventional machines and are about 25% more efficient.  Their high spin cycles of 1800 RPM extract twice as much water and require less time in the dryer.  Front loading machines are even more efficient with their unique design which requires about half as much water as top loading machines.  Our energy efficient machines are eco and cost effective, making them among the best commercial washers and dryers for multi-family facilities.

Variety of Payment Options for Multi-Family Facilities

Giving your residents more than one payment option will increase their satisfaction with your facility and open it up to more users.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has multiple payment methods you can incorporate in your laundry room depending on what suits your tenants and needs.

Coin Op Equipment

Traditional coin operated machines are secure and user friendly with their large display panel and easy to operate coin slots.  Each machine is equipped with a large factory installed coin vault that is robust and well designed to prevent vandalism and foreign currency. 

Card Op Equipment

The convenience of card operated machines is apparent for their cashless facet and remote access.  With the use of a VTM card or CleanPay Credit Kiosk, your residents can effortlessly deposit credit on their account and activate any machine with a swipe of their smart card.  As a property manager, you can access your machines remotely, have more control over pricing, and monitor your revenue and patron’s usage. 

Mobile Laundry App

Increase your security and younger generational usage with a cashless mobile app laundry payment system.  Your residents simply download the smartphone application, upload credit with their debit or credit card, and scan the machine of choice via Bluetooth.  Tenants can then conveniently monitor their laundry status and receive alerts on available machines all from their smartphones.

Partner with a Trustworthy Distributor

Commercial Laundries Orlando can provide you with the most dependable commercial washing machines for multi-family housing and advise you on what is the best equipment for your property and demographic.  Purchase new or gently used washers and dryer from us or check out our customizable commercial laundry lease program

When it comes to choosing the best commercial washing machines for multi-family housing, know that we are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction.  Contact us today at, (407) 986-1410 to discuss your many options with Commercial Laundries Orlando.

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