Best Commercial Laundry Supplier in Fort Myers

Best Commercial Laundry Supplier in Fort Myers

Work with the best commercial laundry supplier in Fort Myers, Commercial Laundries, to find the most valuable equipment and dependable services.

When purchasing equipment from a Fort Myers commercial laundry company, you want to assure you are choosing someone reliable that can take care of all your laundry amenity’s needs.  Beyond purchasing your equipment, you need dependable services with skilled professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers, we have high quality commercial-grade washers and dryers, paired with professional care to ensure your laundry amenity is in the right hands. 

Local Reputable Fort Myers Commercial Laundry Company

When you are trusting in a new Fort Myers commercial laundry company and putting your valuable business on the line, it is important that you are confident in your supplier.  A good reputation and years of experience is just what Commercial Laundries Fort Myers has to put your mind at ease.  As a commercial laundry distributor in Florida for nearly five decades, we have built up a reputation as a dependable local company that you can trust.  Our long-standing relationship with our clients is a testament to our mission and dedication to our community.

Superior Customer Care and Attention

Our number one priority are our customers and their success, and we know that quality equipment is just half the battle.  It takes care and support to make a laundry facility run optimally and efficiently and that is exactly what we offer each and every client.  Our attention to detail and our customers’ needs is what sets us apart from the rest, and our quick and efficient services are what they have come to depend on when they find themselves in a jam.

Quick and Dependable Services

When one or more of your machines are down, you need speedy services to get them back up again.  With our same-day or next-day repair response time, you will never have to wait long to have your problems taken care of.  And to avoid getting to the point of unnecessary repairs and replacements, we have a reliable service and maintenance program for our clients to enroll in to help with the upkeep and required services of their machines. 

Expert and Professional Team

All our team is dedicated to the success of your laundry amenity, and to assure they have the skills to take care of any issue they come face to face with, we give them continuous training to keep up with evolving commercial laundry machines and business.  All techs are in-house and part of our family here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers, so you can know with confidence that they share in our dedication to customer care.

Quality Coin, Card, and Cashless Laundry Equipment

Whether you are the property manager or owner of a multi-housing complex, academic institution, hotel, or RV and mobile home park, you need proper equipment to take on the daily demands of your residents.  That is why we only offer quality, commercial-grade washers and dryers that are built with endurance and longevity in mind.  Purchase traditional coin-operated equipment or go with our technologically advanced card-operated equipment and cashless payment systems.  With our world-renowned manufacturers, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen, you can guarantee you will only receive the best from this Fort Myers commercial laundry company. 

Buy or Lease Affordable Equipment from the Best Commercial Laundry Supplier in Fort Myers

Here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers, we have affordable equipment to suit any property.  Buy new or used equipment or lease your machines and choose from all our top-quality equipment.  With our tax-deductible commercial laundry lease program, you will receive free service and maintenance to help you protect your equipment and save.

For more information about how to get the best equipment from the best commercial laundry supplier in Fort Myers, give us a call at, (239) 307-0623, or click here for a free estimate.

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