Best Coin and Card Operated Laundry Machines for 2021

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Best Coin and Card Operated Laundry Machines for 2021

Discover the most durable 2021 commercial laundry machines, and the most dependable distributor to set your facility off on the right foot in this new year. Read on for the best coin and card operated laundry machines of 2021.

With the start of the new year, everyone is looking for new beginnings and some improvements.  When it comes to upgrading your on-site laundry facility, or starting a brand new one, have a look at the best Fort Myers card operated laundry machines and never settle for less.  With equipment from the most reliable brands, you will be investing in longevity and giving your residents exactly what they desire in a laundry amenity. 

Update your payment system and go cashless with Fort Myers card operated laundry machines or a modern mobile laundry payment app.  While you are at it, ensure that you are choosing a local commercial laundry supplier that can take care of all your laundry needs.  Commercial Laundries Fort Myers has all you need and more to get the best coin and card operated laundry machines, 2021.

The Best 2021 Commercial Laundry Machine Brands

A well-established reputation is something you can count on, especially when it comes to the leading commercial laundry brands, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool.  With over three centuries worth of combined experience and expertise, these companies have mastered commercial laundry construction, engineering, and ingenuity.  Their innovative machines have raised our expectations and exceeded them with their advanced technology and performance.  Their 2021 commercial laundry machines with cashless payment options are the best we have seen yet and are well worth the investment.

2021 Commercial Laundry Machines with Cashless Payment Systems

To move your laundry amenity into the new year, keep up with technology and the demands of today.  With most businesses switching over to cashless payment systems, why should your facility be any different?  Give your residents the contactless laundry amenity they want and the safe environment they deserve.  With multiple payment options, you will be able to tailor to the different needs of your patrons and increase their satisfaction. 

Card Operated Equipment is an easy system to incorporate into your facility and will give you the convenience you desire as a property manager.  With the addition of a CleanPay kiosk located in your amenity, residents can purchase a laundry card and manage their accounts and machines with just a swipe.

Mobile laundry payment applications are the wave of the future and offer a contactless and coinless laundry experience that your tenants can manage from their smart devices.  With the download of the laundry app, residents register and upload funds to their account.  From there, they scan the QR code that is located on each machine to activate and choose their laundry cycle.

Hybrid Fort Myers Card Operated Laundry Machines

Convert your current laundry machines to accept contactless payment options with a little help from the professionals.  Here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers, our experts can visit your laundry facility and determine if your washers and dryers can be retrofitted to a card and mobile app system.  We even have custom machines that are built to your satisfaction to incorporate all your desired laundry machine features.  Click here to get a free estimate.

The Most Reliable Services for Your Laundry Facility

Take some of the pressure off your shoulders in 2021 with a little help from us at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers.  If any of your equipment is down, we can assist you with repairs.  We even have a dependable service and maintenance program to keep your entire facility running optimally.

Affordable Buying or Leasing Options

Commercial Laundries Fort Myers is your trusted local laundry distributor with competitive prices and expert technicians.  Our commercial laundry lease program is affordable and full of perks.  Our customizable plans are tax deductible and come with free service and maintenance.  Save on upfront costs and outfit your laundry facility today with the best coin and card operated laundry machines, 2021.  Give us a call today at, (239) 307-0623 to get started.

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