Best Card Operated Washing Machines for Condos

April 9, 2021 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment , Orlando

Card Operated Washing Machines for Condos

Choose the best card operated washing machines for condos with our helpful guide and information to get the best value for your wallet and your facility.

Deciding on the right equipment for your laundry amenity can seem daunting, but in the end, you want to select the condo laundry facility machines that will add the most value and deliver on performance and longevity.  Investing in quality machines that are commercial grade to stand up to the demands and tough treatment of daily use.  Here we have provided information to make your job easier on choosing the top brands of 2021 and the right machine type for your facility and residents.

Top 2021 Brands for Card Operated Washing Machines for Condos

There are many manufacturers out there that may promise to deliver great machines for a desirably low price.  You may be tempted to purchase inferior machines to outfit your amenity, but we are here to tell you that going that extra mile and considering where you are putting your money will save you a lot in the end.  Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool are some of the most well-known and trusted brands out there because of their impeccable reputation, superior equipment, and top-rated performance.  Not only that but when you do the math, their machines are affordable and durable, ensured to last longer, and outperform their competitors, making them our top commercial washers and dryers of 2021.

Card vs. Coin Operated Washing Machines

Coin operated laundry equipment is certainly valuable in many different types of facilities, but in today’s day and age, card-op machines add value and convenience that is hard to pass up.  When you buy card-operated washing machines for your property, you are not only making laundry easier for your residents, but you are also lessening your responsibilities and making your task as a property owner simpler.

Cashless Condo Laundry Facility Machines

Card Operated Equipment

As you may expect, card-op washers and dryers are more widely accepted and appreciated nowadays.  The convenience of paying with card can be seen across all industries and your laundry amenity should be no different.  With a smart laundry card, residents can pay for their laundry usage, upgrade wash and dry cycles, all by swiping their card in any machine in your facility.  They also have the accessibility to view their laundry’s progress on their smartphone to track their cycle and find available machines before entering the laundry room.

Mobile Laundry Application

Take your upgrade one step further by incorporating a mobile laundry payment application on your machines.  With the use of a smartphone, residents can pay for their laundry, upload funds to their accounts, and monitor its cycle all from the safety of their phones.  This cashless payment method also gives you and your tenants peace of mind with minimal contact.  Create a safer and more easy way of doing laundry for your residents with contactless laundry solutions.

Benefits to Property Owners

Cashless and card operated washing machines for condos also offer great advantages to property owners and managers.  With a new and improved remote access, you will quickly adapt to the ease of a more hands-off management approach.  View your machines, monitor your profits, adjust pricing, and track user trends, all in real-time and all from the comfort of your office or home.  The best part about it is card readers and mobile laundry apps can be installed and retrofitted to most machines to help you make a quick, easy, and inexpensive upgrade.

Lease or Buy Card Operated Washing Machines

Here at Commercial Laundries, we can help you find the best machines and plan for your laundry amenity.  Buy card operated washing machines at an affordable and competitive rate and receive our expert care.  For even more savings and perks, lease your condo laundry facility machines and get free service and maintenance from our skilled technicians.

For the best condo laundry facility machines and expert care, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando, at (407) 986-1410.

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