Benefits of Leasing Card Operated Laundry Machines

card operated laundry machines

Laundry equipment leasing with Commercial Laundries is the best solution for a tight budget.

If you want to upgrade your commercial laundry facility with card operated laundry machines but are low on working capital, we have affordable solutions for you. You could start to introduce card op machines into your facility a few at a time. Or you could lease washers and dryers from us and have the machines literally pay for themselves.

Laundry Equipment Leasing

Our popular laundry equipment leasing program is tax-deductible and is a viable solution to a tight budget. We can equip your laundry business with the machines you need now without going over your budget. You can select premium card operated laundry machines that will provide upgraded perks for both you and your patrons, such as:
• New, matching laundry equipment in front or top-loading models.
• Provide enhanced convenience and service with new card technology.
• Patrons can use their personal laundry card to operate your laundry equipment, simply by swiping their card through the scanner on the machine.
• Each laundry transaction that occurs in your facility, will debit the patron’s card and deliver the payment electronically into your business account.
• The patron can re-credit their card by using cash, debit or credit card at the CleanPay Kiosk located in your laundry facility.
• All accounting data will be electronically stored, where you can easily access it to perform bookkeeping tasks.
• You can also change laundry service prices in smaller increments.
• Plus, you can set scheduled pricing for specific days, and times of the day, which can help to avert bottlenecks on peaks laundry days and hours.
• Patrons can access data via their mobile device to see when card operated laundry machines are available for use. Plus, they can receive alerts to remind them when their laundry service is completed so that they can retrieve their clean items.
• You will not have to collect coins from each machine or worry about coin vault tampering and theft.

Lease Washers and Dryers

Commercial Laundries is a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida, serving thousands of laundry facilities across the state, including the Orlando area. We have a great inventory of card operated laundry machines for you to choose from, that are built by top laundry manufacturers like: Whirlpool, Speed Queen, Miele, and Maytag.
When you lease washers and dryers from us, you also receive complimentary maintenance and repair services on all your leased laundry equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract. We employ a professional staff of mechanics and technicians who will service your machines to assure that they are operating efficiently and cost-effectively.

Besides carrying premium coin and card operated laundry machines, we also provide valuable services that include:

• Delivery and installation of laundry machines
• Removal of old laundry equipment
• Maintenance and repair services, and affordable service contracts
• Complimentary Utility Assessment Reports

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We also retain a large warehouse fully stocked with commercial laundry equipment and machine parts, so that you can receive the resources you need quickly when you need them. We have a solid reputation for putting our clients’ interests first and assisting them in operating a successful laundry business by proving quality laundry products and services.

For more information about laundry equipment leasing, contact Commercial Laundry Fort Myers today at 239-307-0623.

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