Discover the Benefits to Buying Used Laundry Equipment

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Benefits to Buying Used Laundry Equipment | Commercial Laundries

Substitute old, worn machines with used laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries.

If you want to add extra laundry machines in your facility, our used laundry equipment is a great choice. Not only can you save money on our used equipment, but you are getting great machines that are rebuilt using quality parts. Our machines work just as well as new ones, will make your patrons happy, and can give you many years of excellent service.

Used Laundry Machines

You will be making a smart business decision when you opt for our used machines because you will receive laundry equipment that is durable, efficient and cost-effective. Our used equipment delivers high-speed performance and a great laundry result that your patrons can appreciate.

Our used laundry equipment is carefully examined before it is rebuilt, to determine what parts need to be replaced so that the machines work like new ones. Your used machines come with a warranty for your protection, and we can even disclose what parts of the machine were rebuilt.

If you are struggling with a tight budget but need to replace some old machines, our used laundry equipment is an affordable option that can be both an asset to your business and also meet your budget criteria. Your business needs do not have to be neglected when you have an affordable option at hand.

Premium Laundry Equipment

We carry top quality laundry machines that are not available in big box stores, but only sold through authorized commercial laundry dealers like us. You can select front or top loading machines that are available in coin or credit card operated formats.

Our machines are designed and built by world-famous manufacturers like Speed Queen, Maytag, Miele, and Whirlpool, who are noted for their mechanical and technological innovations that have greatly advanced commercial laundry equipment. You will discover that our laundry products have a high-performance level, and deliver a superior laundry outcome in less cycle time.

All of our machines are Energy Star certified to assure that you receive substantial savings in water, gas, and electric costs. Our Energy Star machines are designed and built to operate using less water and energy, have a reduced cycle timing, which also lowers cost and still provides excellent laundry services.  

All of our washing machines are equipped with digital display dashboards that offer multiple cycle options, water temperature selections and dispenser trays so that your patrons have a choice in selecting the perfect wash cycle for each laundry load. Our washers also have advanced suspension, agitation/expeller, and extraction systems for enhanced performance.

If you need to maximize space in a small area, we also carry stackable laundry equipment that takes up less space than traditional machines, yet still provides the same great service. All of our machines are durably built for sustainability and are equipped with metal components, steel drums, and chip-resistant cabinets.

Great Service

Here at Commercial Laundries, we are committed to assisting our clients in operating a successful laundry business by providing them with fine laundry products and valuable services. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Delivery/installation of laundry equipment
  • Removal of old machines
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Affordable service contracts
  • Complimentary Utility Assessment Reports.

We employ our own team of educated and experienced technicians and mechanics who are capable of addressing all of your laundry machine requirements. To better serve our clients, we also retain a large warehouse stocked with laundry products and machine parts, so that we have the resources available when you need them.

For more information about our used laundry equipment, and other products and services, contact Commercial Laundries today at 855-254-9274.

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