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July 9, 2015 | Categories: Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Automatic Coin Laundry EquipmentGenerate Profit with New and Used Coin Laundry Equipment from Commercial Laundries

If you are looking to transform your multi-housing rental property, then installing automatic coin laundry equipment may be the right choice for you! Did you know an on-site laundry facility can not only help you attract potential renters, but may also increase your tenant retention? In fact, recent studies show renters who are viewing multiple properties consider a laundry area of some sort as a “very important” feature, and it usually falls within their top three of desired amenities. Let’s face it, with the hectic pace of today’s lifestyles, most people do not want to travel far from home in order to launder clothes. With the installation of a coin-operated laundry facility, your tenants can meet their laundry needs and you have an opportunity for additional revenue.

Commercial Laundries has been the leader in automatic coin laundry equipment throughout Florida for decades! Our purchase and lease laundry equipment plans, industry knowledge and dedicated team of certified technicians allow us to offer incredible services and products to our customers. In addition, if a laundry area will be a new endeavor for you, our skilled team members can come to your property to analyze your space, learn more about the needs of your tenants and your property, and help you select which new or used coin laundry equipment would be the best choice.

If the idea of attracting more future tenants and generating additional income sounds good to you, here are a few other features you may want to know regarding Commercial Laundries’ automatic coin laundry equipment:

  1. Trusted Performance: At Commercial Laundries’, we understand our customers and their tenants need durable, high performance laundry equipment. Because of this fact, we only stock our warehouse with the most trusted names in the laundry industry including Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. Not only are these machines built to be durable, they are extremely efficient and reliable. You can find a variety of both new and used machines from these brands in our 15,000 square foot warehouse.
  2. Varied Coin Vault Size – Depending on your schedule and how often you can collect your coins, our team will help you select the correct vault size for your machines. Our high capacity coin boxes are a great options for those who need additional storage space and aren’t on-site as often for collection. In addition, with today’s technology, we use solid coin vaults that can discourage tampering and/or theft.
  3. Energy Efficiency – Did you know you can lower your operating costs when you choose energy-efficient coin laundry equipment? These machines use less water, remove more water during the final spin cycle and decrease the need for hot water and the energy required to heat it. Less energy and less water means more savings in your pocket. Ask one of our team members about high efficiency machines!
  4. Warranty and Service – As a trusted leader, we stand behind every washer and dryer we sell. This is why all of our machines, whether new or used, come with an incredible warranty. And, should the time come that you need servicing on your equipment, we only employ full-time, certified and insured technicians who are at the top in their industry.

At Commercial Laundries, we have helped a wide variety of property owners, from multi-housing rental properties to commercial and industrial facilities, dorms, senior housing, etc. We understand all of the areas involved in designing and installing a profitable on-site laundry area.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and let us help you install the automatic coin laundry equipment you need to stand out!

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