Things Orlando Residents Look For At Your Apartment Complex’s Laundry Room

January 29, 2020 | Categories: Laundry Equipment , News , Orlando

Things Orlando Residents Look For At Your Apartment Complex's Laundry Room _

How to attract new and current renters and make your communal laundry room stand out from all the rest.

When it comes to what renters look for in a home, on-site laundry in apartment buildings is at the top of everyone’s ‘must-have’ list.  But it doesn’t end there.  In today’s fast-paced world that we live in, there are a few more factors that go into an Orlando renter’s final decision to live in your apartment complex, and those are quality, cleanliness, security, and convenience.  Let’s take a closer look at these ‘must-haves’ when it comes to laundry in apartment buildings.

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Quality & Efficient Equipment

“Must have’ number one, quality.  With new apartment buildings going up left and right, property owners constantly find themselves in competition with their neighbors.  Renters are looking for efficient, up to date, and the next best thing.  Laundromats are keeping up with the desires of their patrons, why shouldn’t you?  Here are a few things to consider when outfitting your laundry room in your apartment complex.

  • Maintain or upgrade your commercial laundry equipment. Renters want to see that you are invested in your amenities and that you are supplying them with washers and dryers that will get the job done.  Check out the benefits of coin-operated and card-operated models to decide what is the best option for you and your tenants.
  • Efficient-commercial dryers help shorten drying time and conserve energy.
  • Machines in abundance. Supply enough machines for your facility.  People don’t want to wait in line to do their laundry in their own homes.

Remember, newer models are more durable and energy-efficient.  They will save you money on maintenance and utility bills, and save you and your tenants time.


As a property owner, you want your apartment complex to have a beautiful image, both inside and out and this means making sanitation a priority.  Renters are not only looking at your high-quality machines, but they are also looking at how you value your property and take care of it.  A few simple routine tasks can make all the difference.

  • Maintain a clean and fresh laundry room in your apartment complex. Fix the small repairs that you have been meaning to get to.  Throw on a fresh coat of paint to clean up the walls and brighten the place up.
  • Schedule regular maintenance and cleaning checks.
  • Provide tenants with trash and recycling cans. Additionally, leaving some cleaning supplies around for tenants to use when they have the occasional accidental spill will encourage people to clean up after themselves leaving less work for you.
  • Clean and maintain machines. Check machines daily or weekly and make sure dryer lint trays are cleared often.  This will sustain your machines and keep them in tip-top shape.  If you are in need of assistance with maintenance, contact Commercial Laundries and request service.


One of the most important factors is safety.  Your laundry rooms should be just as secure as your apartment complex.  Remember, most residents will be doing laundry after work or at night and security is of the most imperative.  Give your residents and yourself peace of mind.

  • Location. As mentioned in the previous tip, having your laundry room in a centrally located, high traffic area will give additional security.
  • Good Lighting will offer visibility.
  • Coded access or key card locks will assure that only residents can gain entrance.


We live in a world of convenience, why should our laundry be any different.  Tenants are looking for accessible laundry in their apartment complex that makes life easier.

  • Location is key: Laundry in apartment buildings should be in a high traffic area and centrally located to all tenants.
  • Elevator proximity: Residents won’t have to haul their heavy laundry across the apartment complex or up and down stair, posing a potential hazard.
  • Multiple laundry sites: Consider opening more than one laundry room in your apartment complex if you have a large property with multiple buildings.  At Commercial Laundries you have many choices for equipping your laundry rooms in your apartment complex, from brand new equipment to leasing gently-used models. Whatever your budget, Commercial Laundries, Orlando can help.

Don’t lose out on revenue as renters choose to go to the laundromat or perhaps another apartment complex.

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