Apartment Laundry Programs

January 20, 2015 | Categories: Laundry Equipment Services

Apartment Laundry ProgramsIf your tenanted apartment building does not have a self-service apartment laundry program in place, you are letting an unparalleled opportunity to increase your revenue just slip through your fingers. Self-service apartment laundry programs come with built-in advantages that other laundry program owners only wish they could have. !

Commercial Laundries offers a wide variety of equipment and pricing options to help apartment building owners start laundry programs at their facilities. Our experienced laundry room designers will gladly help you determine the best place in your apartment building to start a laundry program, and assist you with choosing the specific commercial laundry equipment options that will best fulfill your needs and the laundry needs of your tenants.

Apartment Laundry Equipment Options
Commercial Laundries offers a wide selection of laundry equipment makes and models to fit apartment buildings of all types and sizes. You can choose our durable top load commercial washers and dryers, ideal for apartment laundry programs with residents that require reliable performance under heavy use conditions, such as college students and younger residents. For upscale South Florida apartment laundry programs where premium performance is an issue, the best choice is our energy-efficient front load commercial laundry equipment, which features sophisticated cycles and fabric handling options, perfect for the laundry needs of today’s urban professionals. If you will be opening a small apartment laundry program, Commercial Laundries’ stack dryers are the best equipment option for you, offering full-sized laundry power in a petite package that can fit in the half the space of standard laundry machines.

Apartment Laundry Payment System Options
All of Commercial Laundries’ washers and dryers can be outfitted with your choice of laundry payment systems. Our coin operated laundry machines are the traditional choice for apartment laundry programs in South Florida, with tiered pricing options that will let you set vend prices by day, time of day, water temperature, and cycle options. If you choose our smart card operated commercial laundry equipment, your residents can pay for loads with just the swipe of their card; this innovative smart card laundry technology actually provides you with the ability to generate more income, since it enables owners to enact incremental price increases of as little as a penny, which residents easily accept.

Apartment Laundry Equipment Financing Options
Commercial Laundries offers flexible purchasing and financing options to make opening a self-service laundry program affordable for all apartment owners. With Commercial Laundries’ Laundry Equipment Lease, we install and repair commercial laundry machines at no charge to you; you are responsible for collecting the revenue and paying us a monthly lease payment for an agreed amount of time. If you choose to enter Commercial Laundries’ popular Laundry Room Lease, we will fully equip your apartment laundry program with commercial washers and dryers at no charge to you, make any needed repairs and collect the generated revenue; we then pay you pursuant to the terms of the agreement.

With Commercial Laundries’ wide selection of quality commercial laundry equipment and flexible financing plans, onsite laundry programs are an affordable option for virtually all South Florida apartment building owners!

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to discover just how easy opening your own apartment laundry program can be!

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