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April 9, 2015 | Categories: Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Apartment Coin LaundryAre you searching for affordable coin laundry machines for your South Florida apartment building? The tenants of your apartment building will appreciate the many benefits that come from having access to laundry equipment on the premises, as it allows them to launder their clothes without having to incur transportation costs and keeps them from having to haul heavy baskets in their car or on the bus. An onsite coin laundry room also increases the security of your residents, since they no longer have to venture out to a Laundromat after a late night at work, and can leave their little ones safely in their beds while changing loads. Opening an apartment coin laundry room will also provide valuable benefits to you as the owner, as you gain an organic addition to your revenue stream as well as an improvement in the rental satisfaction of your tenants which can lead to an upswing in lease retention.  As an added bonus, a self-service coin laundry room increases the appeal of your apartment building for new tenants who count access to an on-premise laundry room as a coveted, must-have amenity. Once you factor in Commercial Laundries’ flexible leasing and purchasing options, adding our coin laundry equipment to your rental property offerings is an affordable solution that will add value to any South Florida apartment building.

Tiered Pricing Options
Since apartment buildings often have a limited amount of space available for laundry equipment, bottlenecks can sometimes develop, particularly during prime washing times. Commercial Laundries has the solution; in addition to our standard coin laundry equipment, which has a basic set of load pricing options, we also offer sophisticated coin operated washers and dryers that provide tiered pricing options. Our advanced system allows you to adjust prices according to time of day, week, and type of cycle so you can provide an incentive for residents to use the machines during slower laundry times.

Larger Coin Vaults
If you are one of our busy apartment owners who prefer to make fewer coin collections, Commercial Laundries can outfit your washers and dryers with high capacity coin vaults to extend the time between collections.

Quality Construction
Commercial Laundries only carries coin operated laundry equipment manufactured by the most reputable companies in the industry. All of our new and used commercial laundry equipment is manufactured by Speed Queen, Whirlpool, or Maytag, so you know they feature quality construction that will delivers reliable performance for your apartment laundry room solution.

Warrantied Performance
If your coin operated washers and dryers don’t offer reliable performance, all the benefits of your apartment laundry solution will evaporate. When you purchase laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries you can buy with confidence, knowing that all of our coin op washers and dryers are backed by warranties – our new Speed Queen and Whirlpool laundry machines come with a 3 year warranty, our new Maytag equipment features a generous 5 year warranty, and even our used washers and dryers are covered by a limited warranty!

Flexible Leasing and Purchasing Options
Commercial Laundries strives to make onsite coin op commercial laundry equipment affordable for the majority of South Florida apartment owners. We offer flexible purchasing options on our new and used coin op commercial laundry equipment as well as laundry equipment leasing programs that can allow you to offer your tenants the convenience of an onsite laundry room with absolutely no upfront costs!

 As the largest family owned commercial laundry equipment provider to multi housing facilities in Florida, Commercial Laundries has outfitted thousands of apartment buildings and other rental properties with quality coin operated commercial laundry equipment.

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