Apartment Building Commercial Washers Options

July 17, 2014 | Categories: Laundry Equipment

Apartment Building Commercial Washers OptionsAre you interested in purchasing or leasing commercial washers to use in your apartment building’s laundry room? Whether you are seeking to open a new self-service laundry room at your apartment community or are planning to update your existing apartment laundry room, modern commercial washers offer a number of options that make it easier than ever to create the ideal laundry room for your facility. By carefully assessing the space requirements of your laundry room, the laundry needs of your tenants, and the options available with commercial washers, you can create an apartment building laundry room that will enhance your residents’ rental experience for years to come.

Commercial Laundries carries a large inventory of commercial laundry equipment from Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, the most respected names in the industry. There are many apartment building commercial washers options available today, including:

Vending Options for Apartment Building Commercial Washers:

  • Coin-Operated Washers
    Commercial Laundries’ coin-operated washers offer tiered pricing and plus-cycle options. These innovative pricing options allow owners to set vend prices by day, time of day, water temperature, and cycle options. By carefully adjusting prices, owners can use these pricing options to control and even out laundry room traffic.
  • Smart Card-Operated Washers
    Residents use credit cards, debit cards, or cash to load money on a smart card; they then just swipe their card to pay for laundry. Smart-card technology is a reliable, secure payment system that protects owners from fraudulent use of their washing machines while eliminating the need to collect coin payments.

Washer Model Options for Apartment Building Laundry Rooms:

  • Top Load Washing Machines
    Popular with budget-conscious apartment residents seeking affordable wash cycles, top load washing machines are durable workhorses offering easy to understand cycle options while  delivering reliable, affordable performance.
  • Front-Load Commercial Washers
    Commercial front load washers are high-efficiency machines offering water and energy savings. With large front openings and high capacity washtubs, front load washing machines can handle large loads with ease, spinning at very high speeds to extract large amounts of water and dry even outsized loads quickly.
  • Stack Washers/Dryers
    The ideal equipment for owners creating small apartment laundry solutions, stack washers/dryers take up half the room of conventional washing machines while delivering superior cleaning performance. High-extraction speeds allow them to use reduced amounts of energy, water, and time

Payment Options for Apartment Laundry Room Owners:
Commercial Laundries offers several ways for property owners to obtain commercial laundry equipment for their apartment building laundry rooms. You can choose to purchase our new or used commercial washers and dryers, or if you would rather avoid the cash outlay, you can enter into one of Commercial Laundries’ two leasing options:

  • Commercial Laundries’ Laundry Equipment Lease – We install our washers and dryers in your laundry room, and repair them at no cost to you. You collect the revenue from the commercial laundry machines, and pay us an agreed upon monthly lease payment.
  • Commercial Laundries’ Laundry Space Lease – We lease your laundry room space, install our washers and dryers, and repair them at no cost to you.  We collect the revenue generated, and send you a rental payment pursuant to  the agreement.

Commercial Laundries is committed to offering the best commercial washer and dryer options to our customers. We offer several  flexible purchasing and leasing options so you can create the ideal self-service laundry room for your apartment building.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to learn more about the commercial washer options we have for your apartment building. We look forward to helping you customize a laundry solution for your property.

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