8 Signs Your Washer and Dryer Need Repair in Orlando

June 30, 2022 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Machines , Orlando

8 Signs Your Washer and Dryer Need Repair in Orlando

>Whether we are talking about commercial appliances or your home washer and dryer, laundry machines need to work efficiently and smoothly to ensure you’re cleaning clothes well. Otherwise, you may as well not bother cleaning your clothes at all.

If you are concerned that your household appliances or commercial appliances may be faltering, these are some signs you can look for to see if your washer and dryer need Orlando appliance repair.

  1.   The machine does not start

The basic fault begins when your machine won’t even turn on. You may wish to call laundry machine repairers in Orlando if your washer or dryer does not start after you turn it on. This is a sign that there is an electrical issue that needs to be fixed by professional repair technicians.

  1.   There are strange sounds coming from the machine

Of course, if the load is off balance you may experience funny sounds. But if a washing machine begins to squeak suddenly after that is resolved, or if there are new bumping and grinding sounds emitting from the washing machines, it is time to contact your appliance repairers in Orlando FL.

  1.   The washing machine is leaking

There are several reasons why your machine might be leaking. From a cracked or damaged tub or seal on the door, a loose water supply hose, or a sensor issue in the drum that causes the machine to over-fill it with water. Whatever the reason, if you find your washing machine is producing puddles in the laundry room it is time to have it looked at by professional washer repairs in Orlando FL.

  1.   Your laundry machine begins to move on its own during a cycle

We’ve all heard the dad-joke, “Is your washing machine running? Then you better go catch it!” but if your machine has a loose motor or drum component it might actually cause your entire machine to shift and move as it runs. Although it may not seem serious, it can cause hoses to become disconnected, creating water leaks or dryer lint messes. Additionally, if you have a gas dryer, toxic fumes may escape into your laundry area, creating a serious hazard.

  1.   There is water remaining in the drum after a wash cycle or the spin cycle does not spin

Call your local Orlando appliance repair company if you are noticing clothes are still wet after the cycle is complete. It may be possible to start the spin and drain cycle over again to remove excess water, but that is a short-term solution to a bigger problem that will only get worse, and cost more, over time without machine repairs.

  1.   The machine is stopping between each cycle

If your machine completely stops, instead of the usual brief pause between wash, rinse, and spin cycles, or if it stops in the middle of a cycle, there is an issue that needs to be repaired by home appliances repair experts.

  1.   There is not enough water in the drum during a wash cycle

To be able to properly clean your clothes, your washing machine needs to fill the drum with enough water to soak all the fabric. If your clothes are not being washed properly due to a lack of water, it may be a sensor or mechanical issue, both of which should be addressed by knowledgeable appliance repairers in Orlando.

  1.   There are code errors on the machine’s display panel

If you are receiving errors on your machine that you cannot easily resolve yourself, it is time for a professional washer or dryer repair. Sometimes the errors do not match what is actually happening on the machine and you’re going to want a professional opinion.

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