6 Tips for Buying Used Coin Operated Laundry Machines

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Used coin operated laundry machines from the right distributor is a cost-effective way to get quality equipment at an affordable and competitive rate.

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing amenity or outfit a new laundry room, used machines offer a budget-friendly solution to get you started.  Search for a company with dependable used coin operated laundry machines in Fort Myers that offers comprehensive commercial laundry services.  With just a few simple tips, refurbished commercial laundry equipment can help take your laundry facility up a notch at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. 

Tips for Buying Used Coin Operated Laundry Machines

1. Choose Quality Machines from Reputable Manufacturers

Quality equipment goes a long way, especially when you are thinking of purchasing used coin operated laundry machines in Fort Myers.  Premium brands use metal components and stainless-steel washtubs, protecting them for wear and tear and corrosion.  Take for instance washers and dryers from world renowned manufacturers, Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool.  Built to last, their superior construction requires less attention and repairs over time.

2. Decide on the Best Payment Options for Your Residents

Are you in the market for card or coin operated equipment?  Both types of machines can prove to be very profitable when you cater to your demographic.  Card op machines are a great step toward a more technologically advanced facility, offering convenience for both patrons and property managers.  Smart card systems offer a remote means of management, freeing up your time and resources.  Laundry mobile payment apps are advantageous and the means to a cashless laundry business.  Choosing the right payment option for your tenants and their needs will increase usage and your revenue.

3. Get Guaranteed Refurbished Equipment

No matter the equipment you decide on, ensure that your washer and dryers come equipped with a warranty.  Deal with a trustworthy laundry distributor that can guarantee their washers and dryers are up to par with your high standards.  All machines should go through a series of strict testing to assure they operate like new.

4. Enroll in a Dependable Service and Maintenance Program to Protect Your Investment

Protect your machines and your investment by signing up for a comprehensive service and maintenance package that with help keep your machines running optimally.  Most used equipment will come with a limited warranty, but for your own peace of mind and for assistance in managing your laundry facility, enroll in a maintenance program.  Dependable technicians will come in regularly and perform servicing on your equipment to prevent unnecessary repairs and replacements. 

5. Consider the Most Affordable Financial Choices

Buying coin operated laundry machines in Fort Myers is a wise financial choice to save funds.  For an even more affordable solution, think about leasing your laundry equipment.  When you lease commercial washers and dryers, you have access to all premium equipment at a manageable monthly rate to suit your budget.  Get free service and maintenance and all the benefits of new or used machines with minimal upfront costs.

6. Work with a Commercial Laundry Distributor that Can Fulfill All of Your Laundry Needs

If you are still wondering where to buy used coin laundry machines, you do not need to look any further.   Commercial Laundries Fort Myers is the reliable distributor for all your commercial laundry requirements.  Here we can help you choose the right used coin operated laundry machines in Fort Myers to meet your budget and the desires of your tenants.  

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