6 Modern Features in New Commercial Laundry Equipment

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Washers and Dryers: More Features, Better Performance

No matter what kind of commercial laundry facility you operate, you want to provide your patrons with a laundry experience that offers top-quality laundry machines. Leading top brand names of laundry machines including Maytag, Miele, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool have continued to develop the functionality of their machines to have top performance and provide optimal laundry cycles and cleans. As washing machines and dryers have continued to progress and improve to meet the growing needs of tenants and patrons of laundry facilities, Commercial Laundries has progressed to keep their clients with the top equipment.

Over the years, there has been a focus on saving the world’s energy and resources by utilizing an eco-friendly approach that helps to foster a healthy environment and reduce the carbon footprint placed on this earth. Laundry machines have evolved to meet the growing demand for energy-efficient and eco-friendly operating machines. Most newer models of washing machines include energy-efficient options that will enable your machine to use less energy while still completing professional, pristine cleans for each cycle. 

Along with reducing energy levels, commercial washer machines have also been designed to reduce the amount of water used within each cycle through eco-friendly load cycles that will optimize high-power cleans while reducing any unnecessary usage of water. In an effort to reduce water usage in commercial laundry equipment, there are automatic water level controls that select the appropriate levels of water for each cycle enabling all cycles to run in an energy-efficient manner without having the user put thought into the water levels. In some commercial washers and dryers, there are delayed settings that enable patrons to set laundry cycles to start at times when utility rates are less expensive throughout the day. 

As the world moves to a heavier focus on the digital era and easy accessibility, laundry machines have evolved to meet the growing needs of the digital world. Newer models of commercial washers and dryers have developed smart features that enable patrons to stay connected through a wireless internet connection to remotely control laundry cycles and monitor washing machine and dryer cycles through online apps and controls.

6 Features to Look for in New Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial Laundries supplies you with laundry equipment that offers your facility modern features that support the needs of multi-housing units and facilities in providing high levels of excellence and top-quality performance that can withstand the high demands of a commercial laundry common room. We offer a number of washing machines and dryers that include modern features and services that will maintain the integrity of your commercial laundry business and provide your patrons with the best in laundry equipment. Here are six features to keep an eye out for with new commercial washers and dryers:

  1.  High-quality laundry performance: Newer commercial laundry equipment offers various functions such as speed functions, specific cycle options, and load sizes that will accelerate the efficiency of your laundry loads and provide pristine, crisp clean for each load. After each cycle, laundry comes out looking brand new, all while maintaining the integrity of your clothing and linens, helping to prolong the lifespan of your clothes.
  2. Improved appearance for your facility: Having modern commercial washers and dryers within your commercial laundry facility helps to advance the look and feel of your facility. Customers and patrons of your facility want to have trust that you have their needs in mind. Having new commercial laundry equipment helps patrons to feel assured that your facility has their best interest in mind by keeping up-to-date on washing machines and dryers to provide the best cleans possible.

  3. Reduce the need for additional maintenance costs: Having up-to-date washing machines and dryers means that you will be able to have confidence that your devices will continue to function at high capacity. Should the commercial laundry equipment require any maintenance, there are maintenance plans offered with your Commercial Laundries contract that will help to mitigate and minimize the costs of fixing or repairing any damage.

  4. Diverse options for payments: The days of cash-operated machines have gone as the world continues to embrace different methods of payment, offering accessibility and ease. New commercial laundry equipment moves away from the standard coin-operated machines and provides options for payments such as card-operated and smart app-operated machines. These methods of payment help to open the doors for more customers to be able to utilize your machines as they can be accessible to anyone with a variety of payment methods.

  5. Smart features: Smart features have opened the possibilities for maintaining integrity in your machines and extending the longevity of your machines. Smart features include remote diagnostics that help pinpoint any areas that require maintenance, allowing you to get a repair technician out to fix your laundry equipment easily without having to assess the problem first.

  6. Varying size equipment: Each commercial laundry facility comes in different sizes and square footage. Newer models of commercial laundry equipment can be ordered in various sizes that will be able to fit within the space of your facility while still providing a sleek, professional appearance for your patrons to enjoy.

Get Modern Commercial Laundry Equipment Features with Help from Commercial Laundries Inc.

At Commercial Laundries, we are dedicated to providing our customers with leading top-of-the-line laundry equipment that will enhance functionality, elevate the appearance, and increase satisfaction of your customers. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the right commercial laundry equipment for your facility, offering modern features that will help reduce the operational costs of your facility while also maintaining a focus on high-quality cleans and top-tier performance. After assessing the needs of your commercial laundry facility, our team will recommend equipment from brand names like Maytag, Miele, Speed Queen, or Whirlpool which are known for their long-lasting products and top performance. 

Whether you are looking to lease machines, buy top-quality used washers and dryers, or looking for modern, new laundry equipment, Commercial Laundries has options for all businesses and customers. Visit us or contact one of our expert associates today to discover the options available for you and find the best commercial laundry equipment for your facility today. Call us for a free quote at 786-977-9910.

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