6 Common Laundry Mistakes You’re Making at the Laundromat

May 18, 2022 | Categories: Laundry Equipment , Orlando

6 Common Laundry Mistakes Youre Making at the Laundromat

Some people learned to do laundry with their families, helping at a young age, while other people are still figuring out laundry day on their own as an adult. It is an important chore to learn to do properly and efficiently, as the cleanliness of your clothes depends on it, and if you are not careful, you may harm your clothes and damage the washers and dryers.

If you are spending an average of 90 to 100 minutes minimum inside a laundromat, you may as well learn the best ways to streamline the process and ensure your laundry loads come out as clean as possible. Whether you’re a laundry veteran or are new to the task, when visiting a laundromat there are some avoidable laundry mistakes you’re probably making, with real simple laundry tips that will make your loads of laundry come out cleaner. 

Here’s exactly how to make your laundry habits more effective and efficient, without causing a fire hazard, or having to send text messages home to ask what amount of detergent to use or whether you treat a stain with hot or cold water. Avoid the following six common laundry mistakes:

Putting too many clothes in the laundry machines

One of the most common laundry mistakes is overloading the washer and tumble dryer to get the laundry done quicker. This hurts your efficiency as it makes it impossible for your clothes to get clean. The washer will not be able to agitate the clothes and detergent through the water thoroughly and evenly, and your items will need to be washed again. They may even have laundry soap stuck in the crevices of your clothing. An overloaded dryer will also not be able to dry everything efficiently.

Letting the dryer rest between uses, or choosing a new dryer each time

There is a myth that tumble dryers will overheat if you use them continuously for two or more laundry loads. The truth is that if you use the same dryer for multiple loads, it will take less time to get back to the ideal temperature you need for drying your clothes. Changing dryer loads while the dryer is still hot will save you time. Just ensure you remember to clean out the lint trap between cycles, and it will be perfectly safe (and more energy efficient) to do so and will not damage your clothing. Cleaning the lint filter regularly will remove the dangerous lint buildup, whereas forgetting to empty it is one of the biggest mistakes that people make as it can become a fire hazard.

Using too much laundry detergent

In theory, it may seem like the larger the amount of detergent you add to your wash cycles, the cleaner your clothes should come out, but if you add too much soap, the washing machine will not be able to fully rinse it all out, leaving a residue that will attract more dirt and bacteria, causing your clothes to look dirty and smell bad over time. You may even be able to see the soap residue. 

Rather than making a guess, measure out the detergent according to your load size, the type of laundry machine you are using, and the instructions on the bottle. One exception is if you live somewhere with hard water, in which case you may need to use more than the usual amount. As a rule, start low, and increase if needed.

Not checking if the washing machine is clean before using it

Although it is not your job to clean your washing machine at the laundromat, it is important to note if the facility is not regularly cleaning their machines. Laundromats should ensure their machines are not grimy, coated with hard water or laundry detergent residue, and that they do not have a mold or mildew build up. The rubber gasket is a good place to check, and you can also give the machine a sniff. If it smells musty, move on to a different machine, as the smell and bacteria buildup may transfer to your items and damage your clothing.

Not being mindful of your zippers, hooks, and buttons

Do not leave zippers unzipped on clothing like hoodies and jeans when they are being washed and dried. They should be fully zipped during wash cycles and in the dryer, as the jagged metal teeth can tear other fabrics. The same goes for bra clasps and other items with hooks or anything that could snag or rip your clothing, and don’t forget to check your pockets when sorting laundry, as forgetting to empty them may result in more potential laundry hazards. 

The exception to this rule is buttons. One of the more common mistakes that people make is putting button-up clothing into the laundry still buttoned. This will ensure the button threads are not pulled loose and the buttonholes are not torn as your laundry goes through the agitation and spin cycles. Do not forget your cuff and collar buttons.

Rubbing a stain roughly

Scrubbing stains may cause the stain to spread or push the stain down deeper into the material, or even wear the fabric down. Here’s exactly how to treat a stain: read the care labels first to see if there are any tips. Then, use your favorite stain remover or in a pinch cold water or soda water, and dab the stain gently and methodically from the outside in. It is best if you treat the stain immediately instead of waiting for your next laundry day, so it does not have time to set into the fabric.

If you are a laundromat proprietor and are interested in updating your coin, card, or app-operated washers and dryers to energy star rated, more efficient models, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today. Our laundry appliances are modern and convenient. Some models will even send text message updates if you wish to let you know if the dryer’s lint trap is full or if a machine requires maintenance. We are here to help you improve your business, one laundry machine at a time.

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