6 Best Features of Card Operated Laundry Machines

Credit card operated laundry machines add value, security, and convenience to your commercial laundry facility.

If you are upgrading or starting a new laundry facility and wondering what equipment is right for you, check out the many benefits of card op laundry payment equipment.  The convenience of cashless machines for you and your residence is unlike any other equipment and their simple yet sophisticated design makes them easy to operate for all demographics.  With the addition of card op equipment, you will increase access, profits, and safety.  Let us help make the decision easier for you with the six best features of card-operated laundry machines.

1.    Automatic and Accurate Auditing System

The benefits of card op laundry payment make the task more convenient for everyone, especially managers.  With a cash or coin business, you are always left with the daunting chore of collecting, counting, and depositing funds.  On top of that, you have the concern of security.  Coin-operated laundry machines are dependable but sometimes become backed up or jammed, leaving you with equipment repair costs.  With card-op equipment, auditing is automatic and accurate for full transparency into your business and profits.  As a property manager, you will quickly notice the ease of a coinless system as it frees up time, energy, and money you spent on duties eliminated by the addition of credit card operated laundry machines. 

2.    Alerts and Notifications for Your Residence

Waiting around for your laundry to finish or for an open machine is never fun.  For your residents, one of the best features of card-operated laundry machines are their communication capabilities.  With access to a smart device, tenants can become alerted when a washer or dryer becomes available and receive notifications on laundry cycle progress and completion.

3.    Multi-Payment Choices for All Demographics

With the addition of credit and smart card payments, your residents will never have to worry about having enough coins on hand.  All residents will quickly adapt to your new washer and dryers’ easy payment system and appreciate the upgrade.  Credit card operated laundry machines are easy to use and can be added to any laundry facility.  You may even be able to convert your current machines with CleanPay Credit Kiosks without going through a complete overhaul.  Commercial laundry mobile payment applications are also a modern addition that will open your facility up to even more patrons.  Contact our sales team for a free estimate and to find out if your equipment can be fitted with smart card readers.

4.    Easy to Read and Operate Displays and Functions

Credit card operated laundry machines have certainly evolved over the years to their more simplistic form in today’s market.  With large, user-friendly digital displays, your tenants will have access to many different wash and dry cycles with ease.  The multiple wash and water temperature selections give users a more customizable laundry experience to suit their individual needs.

5.    Profitable Features and Upsell Options

One of the greatest advantages of card-operated laundry equipment is the ability for property managers to increase their profits.  From an online laundry portal, you can track your facility’s activity and easily increase your pricing in small increments and offer discounts and promotions to promote usage.  Statistically, patrons are more likely to pay more or upgrade their purchases when it is as simple as swiping a card or pushing a button on a touch screen, giving you the opportunity to upsell your product and increase revenue.

6.    Clean and Safe Contactless Experience

Keeping your facility safe and accessible to all your residents is a top priority, and with credit card and mobile app payment options you are giving them a more sanitary environment.  Contactless payment is the wave of the future and putting your tenants’ needs first will increase their satisfaction and usage.

Commercial Laundries Orlando has the laundry and economical solutions for your facility.  Our competitive pricing and affordable commercial laundry leasing program can have your new or upgraded amenity operating in no time.  All our leasing programs are paired with free service and maintenance to keep your machines running at their best.  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at, (407) 986-1410 to help your business switch over to a cashless system and reap the many benefits of card op laundry payment. 

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