5 Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry Equipment

Extend the life of your washers and dryers with some daily practices and routine commercial laundry maintenance

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry Equipment

Preventative care is the best thing you can do to save on repair costs and keep your laundry equipment running longer. All machinery needs a little extra attention and maintenance, especially the kind that gets constant use. Learn about your equipment’s requirements and set a schedule and routine for basic upkeep, and share your laundry amenity’s responsibilities with staff and residents to lessen the burden. And when the time comes for repair, have a dependable commercial laundry service team on call so you can use the best maintenance tips for commercial laundry equipment. Proper care can get you the most out of your investment and increase your machines’ longevity with these five commercial washer and dryer maintenance tips.

1. Get to Know Your Machines and Its Needs

Each brand and machine model has its own specific requirements for service and repair. It may seem obvious, but always keep your owner’s manual handy to reference cleaning procedures and products, utility recommendations, and service needs. Completing scheduled maintenance and routine servicing will help protect your equipment and their limited and extended warranties.

2. Set a Daily Maintenance Routine

A regular schedule will make your commercial laundry maintenance routine, and daily cleaning and monitoring will keep your equipment in good shape. Set a schedule for yourself and your crew to follow and keep track of tasks that need to be done regularly. You can create a checklist and a sign in and out sheet to ensure no duty gets forgotten. Wiping down each machine inside and out will also prevent build-up. Washer doors should be dried as often as possible to avoid mold and mildew. Dryer doors and lint traps should be cleaned after each cycle to prevent over-heating, build-up, and potential fires. Monitor hose connections, machine belts, and water inlet valves for leaks, cracks, and blockage.

3. Encourage Social Responsibility and Involvement

Residents take pride in where they live and have a sense of responsibility for their communities. Let this carry into your laundry facilities and other amenities. With open communication between residents, staff, and management, an issue is more likely to be reported if people feel they will receive a prompt response. With safety and health at the top of everyone’s priority list, this is advantageous to get everyone involved in sanitation. Post helpful commercial washer and dryer maintenance tips around your facility to promote emptying lint trays, cleaning up after spills, and disinfecting and wiping down of machines before and after use. Lessen your commercial laundry maintenance workload and encourage residents to get involved in proper maintenance.

4. Have a Reliable Commercial Laundry Repair Service on Speed Dial

When your equipment is acting up or needs specialized care, it is relieving to have a commercial laundry servicing company on your side that you can trust. You will not have to worry about machines being out of commission for too long with trained and experienced technicians. Choose a reliable and trustworthy local company to have on speed dial when an issue arises. You can always call on Commercial Laundries for their dependable, same day or next day response time for speedy service.

5. Sign Up for a Dependable Service and Maintenance Program

One of Commercial Laundries’ most important maintenance tips for commercial laundry equipment is upkeep. That is why we have devised a service and maintenance program to help take some of the responsibility off your plate. Each plan is customizable to suit the individual needs of our clients. Decide on a schedule for one of our skilled technicians to come out to your facility to check machine operation and perform routine servicing to ensure your facility runs efficiently.

Protect your investment and avoid costly repairs and replacement with routine care and Commercial Laundries’ comprehensive service and maintenance plan. For more commercial washer and dryer maintenance tips or assistance in enrolling in a service plan for your laundry facility, give us a call at (855) 254-9274.

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