4 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Orlando Laundry Facility Cashless

February 22, 2021 | Categories: Cashless Laundry Payment Technology , Orlando

Orlando cashless laundry facility

There is no time like the present to invest in an Orlando cashless laundry facility to take your amenity to the next level.

Going cashless brings convenience and security for both property owners and residents.  An onsite laundry facility adds great value to your property, but it can come with great responsibility.  Gain all the benefits without the hassle when you incorporate cashless laundry payment systems into your business.  Here are four reasons to make your Orlando laundry facility cashless.

1. Save Money

A laundry amenity can certainly help rake in some extra revenue, however, there are some additional costs of a traditional facility that may be overlooked.  Accounting, for one thing, takes some extra hands and security.  There must be someone on-site to collect, count, and deposit revenue and this equals time and money.  Dealing with jammed coin slots and boxes means downed machines and sometimes repairs.  With a coin laundry app, none of this would be an issue as you would be going cashless.  With cashless laundry payment systems, all auditing is digital and instant.  No labor costs or waiting involved.  Furthermore, with the elimination of cash on your premises, you will also save on security costs.

2. Save Time

Time is money, and as a property manager or owner, you know your time is already spread thin.  Turning your Orlando laundry facility cashless will allow you to take on a remote management style and view everything online.  Through your online laundry platform, you can receive messages on a machine in need of servicing and monitor revenue.  With all transactions being digital, you will have knowledge of your profits instantaneously, no wait time or human error.  Track your profits, resident usage habits, and data on your facility from the convenience of your office or home.  You can also adjust your prices, give discounts, and offer a reward program to boost sales and resident satisfaction.

3. Offer Convenience

In these uncertain times, businesses need to do all they can to increase sales and keep their customers satisfied.  Giving your residents a new coin laundry app will expand your user demographic and offer a bit of convenience to your patrons.  Tenants can easily pay for their laundry and monitor their laundry from the convenience of their smartphones.  From the Laundryvalue app, they can deposit more funds in their accounts, track laundry cycle time, and find available machines with the click of a button, all the while practicing social distancing.

4. Increase Safety and Security

Safety and security are of the utmost importance and by incorporating cashless laundry payment systems you will ultimately increase them both.  These unprecedented times call for more attention to detail and cleanliness to keep your residence safe and give them the confidence to use your amenity.  Making your Orlando laundry facility cashless means less contact with money and machines and the potential to spread germs and viruses.  Additionally, by not having cash on your property, there will be less threat of theft and the attempt to use counterfeit coins.  This extra measure will certainly give your residents the sense of security they need in their everyday life.

Go Cashless Today with Coin Laundry App

Updating your laundry amenity to keep up with the times and the needs of your residents is a wise way to increase profits and satisfaction.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have new and used commercial laundry machines that are affordable and reliable.  We even have a competitive commercial laundry lease program that will get you the equipment and support you need to be successful.  Already have a laundry facility full of quality machines?  No problem!  Many machines can be outfitted with a coin laundry app to minimize cost and maximize profits.

Give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410 to find out if your machines meet the criteria and to get started on making your Orlando laundry facility cashless.

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