Commercial Laundry Repair in Orlando Florida: Service & Maintenance

Call on the professionals to have a look at your broken-down commercial laundry machines.  Instead of replacing your commercial laundry equipment, they may just need a bit care.

Commercial Laundry Repair in Orlando, FL

If you are in need of commercial laundry repair in Orlando Florida, we have you covered. Having one or more machines down in your commercial laundry business is frustrating for both you and your tenants.  Your onsite laundry facility needs all of its machines running to keep operating at peak performance.  We know that consistent maintenance is key when it comes to your washers and dryers but sometimes one of your machines slips through the cracks or just needs a little extra attention.  Next time you are looking for, “commercial laundry machine repair near me,” don’t hold off on getting that broken machine back into commission.  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando and leave your repairs to our team of experienced technicians to service and maintain your washers and dryers.

Get it Repaired

Perhaps your machine is being a bit sluggish, but you don’t know why.  One of your washers is leaking or it isn’t draining.  A dryer is making a strange noise, but you just can’t put your finger on it.  Any of this sound familiar?  Before you plan on replacing a broken-down washer or dryer, call a professional to diagnose the problem and get your machine back up and running before you lose any more money.  Don’t throw your investment and more money in the garbage; go the sustainable route and mend your commercial laundry equipment.

Leave it up to the Professionals

You may be quick to try and figure the problem out yourself but often there is an underlying complication.  Don’t put a band-aid on a potentially bigger issue or a hazard.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has knowledgeable technicians and mechanics, trained and experienced in all types of matters.  With our professional team and 15,000-square-foot warehouse full of commercial laundry equipment parts, you won’t have to wait long for repair or spare parts to be ordered as you may have to do with do-it-yourself repair or other companies.  Give us a call or fill out a request for service to have a technician sent out to you right away for your commercial laundry repair in Orlando.

Upkeep is Vital

When it comes to each and every machine, maintenance is key to keeping your commercial laundry equipment running longer.  Some preventative maintenance tips can keep your laundry business running efficiently and help you avoid some unnecessary repairs.  Keep your machines clean and dry as much as possible.  Wipe out soap dispensers, washer door seals and washtubs to prevent buildup and corrosion.  Clear dryer lint filters after each use or as often as possible to prevent overheating and fire hazards.  Clean and replace filters, hoses and belts as often as needed.  These can be tricky because they are not seen daily.  Consult your machine’s owner’s manual for service and maintenance checks and for your commercial laundry machines needs and specific instructions.  And whenever in doubt, contact us to have a professional sent out to your site.

Sign Up for a Commercial Laundry Service and Maintenance Package

Running an onsite laundry facility is rewarding but it often requires a lot of work on top of your other businesses.  That’s why we have customizable service and maintenance packages to assist you with your commercial laundry repairs and upkeep.  We understand how important it is for your onsite laundry to run smoothly and efficiently.  Speak with one of our experienced team members today about creating a personalize program that takes the stress off your shoulders and overlooks all of your maintenance and repairs.

When one of your machines is just not fixable, we have affordable, new and gently used washers and dryers to fit any budget.  Our competitive commercial laundry leasing program is tax deductible, with all service and maintenance for your commercial laundry machines included.

When one of your machines is down or not running efficiently, always contact a professional.  The underlying problem may not be apparent, and for safety and reassurance, contact Commercial Laundries for a request for service immediately or give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410 so we can get a technician out to assess and fix the issue right away.

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