Buy Coin Operated Laundry Equipment Near Me

Buy Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Add great value and convenience to your property when you buy or lease coin-operated laundry equipment. Keep your property up to date and attract residents and potential renters by giving them exactly what they need.  Modern coin op laundry machines are essential to providing your residents with the support they need and keeping your property…

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Where to Buy Coin Laundry Equipment in South Florida

coin laundry equipment

Equip your on-site laundry facility with premium coin laundry equipment. Your search for high-performing coin laundry equipment is over when you shop at Commercial Laundries in South Florida. We can help you equip your facility with some of the finest coin operated washers and dryers on today’s market. Our representatives are available to answer all…

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Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment for Sale and Lease 

multi-housing laundry

Get premium laundry equipment for your multi-housing laundry room. An on-site laundry room is a great amenity for a multi-housing property. If you own or manage this type of property, you should consider adding this valuable service for your tenants. A multi-housing laundry facility is a great provision that attracts new renters and also helps…

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Get the Most Reliable Coin Laundry Equipment in Florida  

Reliable Coin Laundry Equipment

Generate more revenue by adding used coin laundry equipment to your facility or rental structure Many condominiums, multi-rental properties and student housing have their own on-premise laundry facility to accommodate their tenants. If you own or manage one of these types of facilities, you canget the most reliable coin laundry equipment in Florida from Commercial Laundries. We…

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Coin Laundry Equipment

Custom Solutions for Your Laundry Center  From apartment complexes and condominiums to hotels, laundry mats, and student housing, Commercial Laundries Inc. has been the leader in South Florida’s commercial laundry sector for over 40 years. Our expert team will examine your current system and space, providing you with a free utility analysis report that breaks…

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Used Coin Laundry Equipment

  As the owner of a South Florida multi-housing rental property, you are always seeking ways for your property to appeal to potential tenants plus keeping current tenants satisfied. One way to tackle this is to offer top-desired amenities. Installing used coin laundry equipment in an onsite laundry facility can help keep your rental property…

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Automatic Coin Laundry Equipment

Generate Profit with New and Used Coin Laundry Equipment from Commercial Laundries If you are looking to transform your multi-housing rental property, then installing automatic coin laundry equipment may be the right choice for you! Did you know an on-site laundry facility can not only help you attract potential renters, but may also increase your…

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Coin Laundry Equipment Leasing

When potential renters begin their search for the perfect rental property, many factors are on their “wish list.” In addition to the property being safe and affordable, potential tenants want to know what types of amenities are available. Having an on-site laundry facility is one amenity that can catch the eye of your soon-to-be tenant.…

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