Where to Get Card Operated Laundry Equipment for Sale

card operated laundry equipment for sale

Commercial Laundries has the card operated equipment you’re looking to buy. When searching to buy card operated laundry equipment for sale, it’s important to work with a distinguished commercial laundry distributor that can offer you dependable equipment and services. Commercial Laundries, established in 1972, is a family-owned and operated business in central and South Florida.…

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5 Reasons Why Card Op Washers and Dryers are Great Investments

When deciding between coin vs card op laundry equipment, it's important to look at the pros and cons of each model and take a good hard look at your demographic. What are their needs? What are their preferences? Modern card op washers and dryers are the wave of the future and carry a lot of benefits for you and your tenants. Their advanced technology offers a lot of features that allow you to customize your machines and easily adjust your pricing. Remote access makes laundry a convenience for everyone and it's one that your tenants will happily pay extra for. Here are five reasons why card operated washers and dryers are a great investment. Save Time and Money Time is money. Why not save both with contemporary energy efficient card op washers and dryers. As a property owner or manager your hands are already full. Add an onsite laundry amenity to the mix and you may find yourself strapped for time. With card op commercial laundry equipment there is no more need to collect and count coins and no need for costly coin machines. With the removal of coins there is less of a security risk, as you will not have any cash or coins onsite. All auditing is done automatically and accurately freeing up your valuable time and energy. Pricing Flexibility Switching out your coin operated machines will take a bit of investment but it's well worth it when you see how easy it is to adjust your vendor prices and charge a little extra to offset your pricing. With the constant fluctuation in utility costs, unexpected repairs, and service and maintenance, it is understandable that you may have to increase charges here and there. With coin operated machines you are constrained to twenty-five cent increments, whereas with card operated machines you can increase or decrease prices as little or as much as you’d like a few cents at a time. Increase Profits Your patrons will gladly pay more for new, technological card op washers and dryers. These modern machines contain customizable laundry cycles, larger capacity washtubs, and smartphone application access. With these updated features your tenants will understand a little price increase. Another interesting fact is that patrons are likely to pay or purchase more when they pay with a card than when they pay with cash. Offering your residents the option to upgrade to more efficient wash cycles with just a click on the screen is an excellent way to upsell your product. You can also offer reward points, promotions, or incentives for loyal customers. Remote Access to Equipment Card operated washers and dryers come equipped with remote access for you to easily monitor your laundry facility and interact with your tenants. Track residents’ usage through smart technology and take note of peak hours and popular wash cycles. Use this information to adjust charges, offer ‘happy hour’ prices or discounts. Through the smartphone application, residences can also send you notifications on machines that are down or in need of servicing, allowing you to address issues more quickly. Convenience for Your Tenants One of the biggest differences between coin vs card op laundry equipment is the convenience card operated machines bring to the table. As cash is becoming more obsolete and most transactions are done by card, less people are carrying around cash. The ability to pay with a card or smartphone application is a preference of many and it will allow you to connect with younger demographics. Take for instance, the integrated system by Speed Queen, which allows patrons to pay for their usage and track their laundry using a simple application. Tenants can receive notifications on available machines and alerts when their laundry has finished. Buy or Lease Coin Operated Washers and Dryers Upgrading your onsite laundry facility to card operated commercial laundry machines is easy and affordable when you partner with a dependable distributor. Commercial Laundries has top of the line equipment from, Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool at affordable and competitive rates. You may also want to consider leasing commercial laundry machines if on a strict budget. Contact Commercial Laundries at, (855) 254-9274 to discuss our premium card op washers and dryers or click here for a free estimate.

Card Operated washers and dryers are a great way to save time, money and increase your revenue. When deciding between coin vs card op laundry equipment, it’s important to look at the pros and cons of each model and take a good hard look at your demographic.  What are their needs?  What are their preferences? …

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Card Operated Washing Machines in South Florida

card operated washing machines in South Florida

In need of card operated washing machines in South Florida? Find new and used options at Commercial Laundries Now you can upgrade your commercial laundry facility with card operated washing machines in South Florida. Commercial Laundries offers you excellent quality, card operated washers and dryers for your commercial laundry facility. We carry new and used…

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Card Operated Washing Machines for Sale and Lease

Card Operated Washing Machines

  Searching card operated washing machines for sale? Find new and used models at Commercial Laundries  Did you know you could upgrade your commercial laundry facility with card operated washing machines for sale or lease in South Florida? Commercial Laundries is a leading laundry vendor in Florida with the knowledge and resources to help make your…

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Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Make your property stand out with card operated laundry equipment Bring the latest technology and a top amenity to your multi-housing rental property with card operated laundry equipment. Card operated washers and dryers not only help set your property apart from others, they can also help you generate additional revenue while satisfying your tenants. Amenities…

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Card Operated Washers and Dryers

Upgrade your property today with card operated washers and dryers If you have been researching various types of commercial laundry equipment for your multi-housing rental property, you have most likely come across traditional coin operated machines. While these machines have been used for some time, card operated washers and dryers are becoming the preferred choice…

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10 Reasons to Consider Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Are you ready to upgrade your coin operated self-service laundry room with smart card operated laundry equipment? Smart card technology has revolutionized the self-service laundry industry, by providing a host of valuable benefits to both property owners and the residents who use their laundry room solution. Commercial Laundries can help you make the switch to…

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