Why Laundry on Campus Matters

Why Laundry Campus Matters | CommercialLaundries.com

An updated university laundry facility with many laundry machines will keep students spending more time on campus providing added benefits to the college. Don’t underestimate the importance of functional, up-to-date laundry facilities on your campus.  Commercial Laundries Miami has the best modern machines for your beautiful campus and students.

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The Best Commercial Washer Brands in 2020

The Best Commercial Washer Brands for 2020 | CommercialLaundries.com

We’ve chosen the best commercial washing machine brands for the new year. There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing new washers for your multi-housing complex.  To help ease your decision, have a look at the best commercial washer brands from Commercial Laundries Miami. 

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Advantages of Buying Stackable Laundry Machines

Advantages of Buying Stackable Laundry Machines _ CommercialLaundries.com

Adding a communal laundry area to your apartment complex may come with a lot of questions but even more benefits.  Buying stackable laundry machines may be the answer to all of your doubts. There are many different options on the market today.  Every multi-housing complex is different and that also goes for their laundry needs. …

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Coin Operated Washers

Let coin operated washers give your property a competitive edge Having a facility close to home that allows for laundering of clothes is an important amenity to many renters. In fact, renters will often choose a multi-housing rental property based off its amenities. And, according to a recent study by the National Multi-Housing Council, an…

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Coin Laundry Equipment

Custom Solutions for Your Laundry Center  From apartment complexes and condominiums to hotels, laundry mats, and student housing, Commercial Laundries Inc. has been the leader in South Florida’s commercial laundry sector for over 40 years. Our expert team will examine your current system and space, providing you with a free utility analysis report that breaks…

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Used Coin Laundry Equipment

  As the owner of a South Florida multi-housing rental property, you are always seeking ways for your property to appeal to potential tenants plus keeping current tenants satisfied. One way to tackle this is to offer top-desired amenities. Installing used coin laundry equipment in an onsite laundry facility can help keep your rental property…

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Apartment Used Coin-Op Laundry Equipment

If you are the owner of a rental apartment complex or multi-housing rental property and are looking for a way to make tenants happy and earn extra revenue, we have an ideal solution for you! Consider installing used coin operated laundry equipment in your apartment complex and offering tenants an onsite laundry solution. In case…

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Card Operated Dryers

Are you interested in purchasing or leasing card operated dryers for your self-service laundry room? Smart card technology has revolutionized laundry room ownership in recent years, providing owners with a simple way to make their self-service laundry rooms safer, more convenient, and more profitable than ever before. As a well-informed multifamily property owner, you are…

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Card Operated Washing Machine

Are pressing time concerns making it difficult to keep up with the demands of your rental property’s coin op laundry room? If so, then it may be time to upgrade your laundry room with our technologically sophisticated Card Operated Washing Machine. As a perceptive property owner, you opened a coin op laundry room on your…

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