Where to Service Commercial Laundry Machines

August 19, 2020 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Maintenance & Repair , Orlando

Turn to the experts for commercial laundry machine service in Orlando and for all your maintenance and repairs.

where to service commercial laundry machines

As a property manager or owner, you know how important it is to have all your operations functioning at maximum capacity.  When one or more of your machines are down or sluggish, it is disruptive to your laundry facility and your residents.  Having a local commercial laundry company on standby for service and repair will help you avoid a standstill and offer you peace of mind when you are experiencing issues.  Searching online for commercial laundry machine service near me at the last minute can be stressful.  Be preemptive and let Commercial Laundries Orlando be the company you call on for all your laundry servicing, repairs, and maintenance

Contact Your Local Experts for Speedy and Reliable Services

Commercial Laundries has been servicing the Orlando commercial laundry sector and beyond for nearly five decades.  We have come to create many long-standing relationships with our clients and the community for our premium products and dependable services and care.  When you find yourself looking for commercial laundry machine service near me, you will not have to look too far.  Our quick response and efficient services are what you want and need for your laundry facility.

Service Commercial Laundry Machines Early On

Commercial laundry machines can be tricky.  Although you may be tempted to assess a problem yourself, it is important to go about it knowledgeably and carefully.  Not all makes and models are created equally, and it is important you follow the recommendations for your specific machine.  What may appear to be a small issue could have a larger underlying problem.  Make sure all your routine maintenance is up to date by consulting your owner’s manual.  If you are experiencing any of the following issues give us a call or fill out a request for service to have a technician sent out to your site today.

  • Washer or dryer won’t turn on or run
  • Leaking washer or trouble draining
  • Squeaking, rumbling, excessive vibrations, or loud noise
  • No spinning action or a stagnant agitator
  • Inefficient performance
  • Overheating or clothing not drying
  • Issues with control buttons, card readers or jammed coin slots

Work with Experienced Technicians

When your machines are at a halt, we understand how important it is to get things back up and running.  With our same day or next business day service, your laundry facility can go on without a hitch.  Our skilled and experienced technicians are known for their quick response time and diligence.  With their continuous training, our techs are well educated on the special care commercial laundry machines need, both new and older models.  Once a call has been placed, we will set up a service time at your convenience, along with GPS tracking of your technician’s work vehicle to save you on wait time.  All our technicians are full time employees at Commercial Laundries and share our same mission of excellence and expert commercial laundry machine service in Orlando.

Sign Up for a Preventative Service and Maintenance Program

All machinery requires maintenance and checkups.  To keep your machines operating efficiently, make sure that you have someone keeping an eye on your machines daily to prevent buildup, moisture accumulation, and lint tray overflow.  Beyond the daily upkeep, there is routine maintenance that must be done to keep machines performing optimally.  To save you from the hassle, we have customizable service and maintenance packages to keep your machines running smoothly all year around.  One of our expert technicians will routinely visit to service commercial laundry machines on your site and prolong the lifetime of your washers and dryers.

For more information on our commercial laundry machine service in Orlando and how you can keep your laundry facility profitable and efficient, give us a call at (407) 986-1410.

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