Where to Find Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings

October 6, 2019 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Laundry Equipment , Orlando

laundry machines for apartment buildings

Improve your laundry facility with multifamily laundry systems from Commercial Laundries.

You will never underestimate the value of fine laundry machines for apartment buildings after you install our premium commercial laundry equipment. Your laundry facility investment has paid off in providing you with an extra, lucrative income stream, plus, it adds more value to your property.

The next step would be to install top-quality multifamily laundry systems to your upscale laundry amenity. That’s just good business sense.

Laundry Machine Leasing

If you think installing premium multifamily laundry systems in your laundry facility would be too expensive – think again. Here at Commercial Laundries in the Orlando area, we offer affordable options like our new and used laundry equipment sold at competitive prices. Plus, our ever poplar leasing program can be customized to meet your budget and business needs.

Laundry equipment leasing is inexpensive, and you will soon discover that the machines literally pay for themselves while also providing extra income. All of our laundry machine leasing is tax-deductible, and affords you the opportunity to streamline your laundry facility with matching laundry machines for apartment buildings.

When you opt for laundry machine leasing, you also receive complimentary maintenance and repair services on all leased equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract. One of our technicians will make regular visits to your facility to keep your machines operating at their peak level of performance so that your patrons are enjoying the best laundry outcome possible.

If one of our machines is in need of repair services, our technician can expedite the process so that your laundry facility is fully engaged at all times.

You will not have to endure unexpected repair bills or try to find professional services for your machines, because we employ our own dedicated team of educated and experienced mechanics and technicians who are ready to serve you.

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Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings

Our premium multifamily laundry systems are built by world-famous manufacturers who are known for their innovative advancements in the laundry industry.

Built with solid construction and progressive machine engineering, our laundry machines for apartment buildings deliver the kind of results that your patrons expect when they use your facility.

Whether you opt for laundry machine leasing or buy outright, our multifamily laundry systems provide many benefits:

  • All of our machines are Energy Star certified to meet the standards of the Department of Energy to provide you with significant savings in water, gas and electric costs. You can save thousands of gallons of water annually with our machines, and also reduce waste, gas and electric usage; significantly lowering your operating costs.
  • Our washing machines have improved automatic balancing suspension systems and enhanced agitation and extraction features. Laundry is lifted up throughout the wash cycle so that wash-water can flow through laundry fibers to remove dirt and grime. An advanced extraction system removes residual moisture from laundry so that it doesn’t require much time in the dryer.
  • All of our laundry machines for apartment buildings have easy to read and operate digital display dashboards that provide multiple dispenser trays, cycle options, and water temperature selections.
  • Dryers are equipped with powerful blower exhaust systems to dry laundry quickly using less energy.
  • You may also be interested in adding some of our ADA compliant multifamily laundry systems that are uniquely designed to serve the handicapped community.

We are a family-owned business for more than 50 years. You can get quality laundry machines for apartment buildings and save money with laundry machine leasing, by contacting Commercial Laundries Orlando today at 407-986-1410.

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