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April 7, 2015 | Categories: Laundry equipment leasing

Laundry Equipment Leasing CompaniesIn these challenging economic times, rental housing property owners across South Florida are turning to laundry equipment leasing companies for help as they work to improve their financial outlook. A self-service laundry room could be the ideal way for you to deal with your cash flow issues, as it will positively impact your finances in several ways, providing you with an organic additional revenue stream; increasing your tenants’ satisfaction, which can improve your rate of lease retention; and adding a valuable amenity that can help you attract more tenants. All laundry equipment leasing companies are not equal, however, so you need to carefully research the company that is offering the lease. It is important to deal only with reputable, well-established laundry equipment leasing companies that protect their customers with quality equipment, trained personnel, and transparent leases with no hidden fees. Read on to discover how Commercial Laundries stacks up to the competition:

Quality Laundry Equipment from a Trusted Manufacturer
In an effort to increase their profits, some laundry equipment leasing companies provide their customers with inexpensive washers and dryers made by manufacturers with sub-par standards. These low quality laundry machines tend to suffer from poor performance and frequent breakdowns. When your laundry equipment leasing company is Commercial Laundries, you are assured of getting quality machines because we only sell and lease smart-card and coin operated laundry equipment made by Whirlpool, Speed Queen, and Maytag, the best known, well- trusted manufacturers in the industry.

Transparent Laundry Equipment Leasing Terms
Unscrupulous laundry equipment leasing companies have been known to slip in terms that leave property owners financially responsible for additional charges. Some of these charges, such as ones for repairs, maintenance, and parts, can be quite significant over time. Before you sign your laundry equipment lease, you should carefully read the final copy to verify that the terms are exactly as stated, with no extra charges or fees added at the last minute. Commercial Laundries provides free installation and free repairs for the life of your lease, with no hidden fees or charges. We require no upfront capital outlay for equipment, so you can conserve your prudent reserves. You just have a single, agreed upon monthly leasing fee, so you can easily fit it into your operating budget.

Full-Time, Well-Trained Laundry Equipment Installers
Laundry equipment leasing companies often use a third-party firm to install their laundry machines; these outside contractors are not covered by the leasing company’s liability or Workers’ Comp insurance, leaving you financially vulnerable if they get injured during the install. If these sub-contracted workers make mistakes during your laundry equipment install, you could be left with expensive problems that linger for years.  When you lease laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries, all installations and repairs are made by our full-time employees, who are covered by our liability and Workers’ Comp insurance and fully trained in performing commercial laundry equipment repairs and installations.

Well-established, Reputable Laundry Equipment Leasing Company
Whether you are looking to purchase or lease laundry equipment in South Florida, Commercial Laundries is here to help. We have earned a sterling reputation for honorable business practices during our more than 45 years in service, by helping thousands of rental property owners improve their financial outlook with our flexible purchasing and leasingplans. In addition to our laundry equipment leases, we also offer an innovative Laundry Space Lease, which is the perfect financial recovery tool for owners whose property management duties leave them too busy for laundry room counting and collection duties.

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