Fort Myers Leasing Laundry Equipment Options

July 21, 2017 | Categories: fort myers , Laundry equipment leasing

Need commercial laundry equipment in Fort Myers? Find new and used options from Commercial Laundries.

Fort Myers Leasing Laundry Equipment OptionsIf you own or manage a multi-housing property then you know how important it is to provide as many attractive amenities to potential tenants as you can. Most tenants look for a rental apartment that has an on-site laundry facility to make laundry tasks conveniently located and to save precious time. A survey performed by the National Multi-Housing Council reports that an on-site laundry facility is among the top three amenities that renters insisted upon. If you have not been able to provide a laundry amenity to your tenants because of a lack of funds, Commercial Laundries can help. Our Fort Myers leasing laundry equipment options provide cost-effective plans that do not require a large initial investment.

You can have a streamline laundry facility with top-tier commercial laundry equipment in Fort Myers with one of our lease-option plans. As a leading commercial laundry equipment vendor, we can tell you that lease-options are the largest part of our business. We can provide you with our knowledge and expertise in optimizing the most efficient retail laundry facility for your tenants that will also give you a great return on your investment. We have a variety of lease options customized to meet your needs and goals.

A commercial laundry equipment lease will give you a laundry facility that will lure tenants, save money on gas, electric, water and sewer costs, and provide you with revenue collection. We are commercial laundry experts who know the significance of quality and service.  You can choose from a wide array of credit-card or coin-operated, Energy Star-rated commercial laundry equipment in Fort Myers. We carry dependable and durable famous top brands from such noted manufacturers like Whirlpool, Speed Queen and Maytag. Our machines utilize the latest technological and mechanical advancements designed for optimum energy efficiency and improved performance. One of our technicians can analyze your available space, budget and goals to customize your commercial laundry equipment lease package.

Commercial Laundries provides laundry facility solutions for all types of structures including rental apartments, hotels, hospitals, school dormitories, prisons, nursing homes etc. When you partner with us for commercial laundry equipment in Fort Myers you will receive complimentary repairs and maintenance services on a regular basis for all your leased laundry equipment.  Our sales team can help you select Fort Myers leasing laundry equipment options that are appropriate to your budget, goals and patron expectations. You can have the added benefit of a new and lucrative revenue stream from a retail laundry facility with a commercial laundry equipment lease.

We realize that laundry equipment housed at a college or university campus can be harshly abused, and that is why we provide higher education facilities with strong, reliable machines. Our campus program provides your students with durable and dependable commercial laundry equipment. We also provide laundry equipment that is suitable to nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants and hotels that require laundry services. By housing an on-site laundry facility you can expect to save 50% or more on your total linen costs. We have been in the commercial laundry business for many years and we are able to focus on all your business laundry needs, help you establish a stream of revenue, upgrade your property value and please your tenants too. This creates a win-win situation for everyone, and makes a commercial laundry equipment lease one of the best investments you will ever make.

If you are interested in Fort Myers leasing laundry equipment options, call Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at: 239-307-0623.

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