Commercial Washer and Dryer for Sale in Miami

miami commercial washer and dryer for sale

If you want to lease or purchase commercial washing machines and dryers in Miami, look no further than Commercial Laundries. With over 50 years of experience in the sale and service of commercial laundry equipment, we offer the best brands and the newest technology to maximize profitability and minimize the time you need to spend thinking about your laundry facility. Keep reading to learn how Commercial Laundries will bring your laundry service into the 21st century.

Miami’s Best Equipment is Available From Commercial Laundries

Over the last 50 years of operation in Florida, Commercial Laundries Miami has learned what brands will stand up to the vigorous use our clients expect of their machines. We proudly offer equipment manufactured by four laundry equipment powerhouses known for performance and reliability, Maytag, Whirlpool, Miele, and Speed Queen.

Maytag is a brand instantly recognizable to consumers, based on the famous Maytag repairman commercials featuring a service technician with nothing to do. Maytag has been manufacturing washing machines and dryers for over 100 years and remains at the forefront of commercial laundry technology research. Maytag machines offer features such as:

  • PowerWash selection. This option removes deep-set dirt from fabric fibers, which is perfect for removing stains.
  • FreshHold cycle. This option releases a continuous stream of circulating air into the drum after the wash cycle, preventing any must or mildew odors until you’re ready to transfer the load to the dryer.
  • ExtraPower selection. This cycle begins with a 10-minute blast of cold water that removes cold-water stains, followed by a warmer temperature that helps remove tougher, set-in stains.
  • SanitizeCycle. This cycle removes 99.9 percent of common household bacteria.

Speed Queen is another 100+-year-old American manufacturing company that prides itself on innovation and reliability. We carry a robust selection of Speed Queen equipment in front load and stackable options for smaller laundry facilities. You’ll appreciate the features of our new and used commercial Speed Queen has to offer, like:

  • Large 21.5-pound capacity for bulky items like comforters, blankets, and pet beds.
  • Advanced shock absorption system that eliminates noise and vibration.
  • 440 G-force water extraction system that removes more water on the final spin cycle, reducing drying time and saving energy.
  • Energy Star-certified machines to reduce energy costs.

Laundry equipment manufacturing magnate Whirlpool is an American brand we’re pleased to offer. With a century of research and design under their belt, you can rest assured you’re reaping the benefits of a hundred years of experience in manufacturing rugged equipment that lasts. When you choose Whirlpool, you’ll enjoy features such as:

  • 12-hour FanFresh option. This setting circulates air for up to 12 hours after the wash cycle is completed, tumbling laundry and preventing that mildew smell.
  • Active Bloom. This option senses the load size and adapts the water level and actions specific to the type of laundry load used.
  • Colors Option. Whirlpool washers will use cold water to preserve your laundry’s vibrant colors.

If you’re interested in the beauty and precision of German engineering, we’re thrilled to offer you equipment manufactured by Miele, a time-tested brand founded in Germany in the late 1800s. You can expect features like this in your Miele:

  • Manufacturing parts in-house to ensure quality control.
  • Shorter program durations for increased capacity.
  • Honeycomb drum technology distributes water and detergent evenly and thoroughly.
  • User-friendly programmable controls in multiple languages.

5 Features of Modern Commercial Washers and Dryers

Although our brands have centuries of manufacturing under their belts, you’ll find only the latest laundry technology in the machines we offer. Laundry has come a long way since the first washing machine was invented in 1868, and today’s modern devices seem space-age in comparison. You’ll find features on modern washing machines like:

  • Energy Star-certified equipment that provides maximum cleaning and drying power with minimal resource usage. 
  • Cashless payment systems allow users to use a card or a smartphone app to pay for wash and dry cycles. Cashless apps are the most exciting and innovative feature offered in commercial laundry equipment today; see how they increase profitability and client happiness while being easy to use and convenient. Check out our how-to videos to see just how easy and convenient cashless app systems are!
  • Modern cycle options range from anti-bacterial sanitization to cold-water washes for delicate items.
  • Computerized self-analysis that alerts whenever it detects a problem for less system downtime.
  • Reward plans that allow you to recognize and thank frequent customers with instant discounts.

Service and Maintenance for a New Commercial Washer and Dryer

Excellent customer service is critical to our sales and leasing programs at Commercial Laundries Miami. Everyone needs to do laundry; a service program will help keep your tenants and customers happy. Happy tenants mean fewer hassles for you to deal with. We proudly invest in our service technicians’ ongoing education in appliance repair and give each tech their service area to build relationships with our clients. When you lease equipment from Commercial Laundries Miami, you are automatically enrolled in our service program at no extra cost, meaning our expert techs will service your machines regularly. Leasing equipment from us means we often award signing bonuses for laundry room improvements at contract renewal time. We also offer service programs if you wish to purchase instead of a lease; call us at 1-239-208-5216 to learn more about our sales and leasing programs. Or, contact us to talk about upgrading your current coin-operated commercial machines to a cashless app operated system; replacement isn’t always needed if you’re looking to benefit from these innovations.

Call Commercial Laundries if You’re Looking for a Commercial Washer and Dryer for Sale in Miami

If you’re thinking about replacing or upgrading the machines in your laundry facility, Commercial Laundries Miami is your go-to destination. Whether you’re overseeing a hospital, motel, dormitory, or condominium, we have the washers, dryers, and unparalleled customer service to elevate your business. Our 15,000-square-foot warehouse is brimming with essential parts and equipment, ensuring your laundry operations run smoothly 365 days a year. Since 2007, we’ve been committed to eco-friendly day-to-day operations, employing products crafted from recycled materials whenever feasible. Additionally, we pride ourselves on offering free utility room assessments to our clients, aiming for peak energy efficiency. And for establishments, especially hotels in Miami, our Coinless Commercial Laundry Machines for hotels provide a convenient and modernized laundry experience, meeting both operational needs and customer expectations seamlessly.

As a family-run business since our inception in 1972, we care deeply about the success of our clients and the products and services we offer. With over 1,000 laundry facility locations serviced in the state of Florida, there is no one more experienced than Commercial Laundry Miami when it comes to washers and dryers. Laundry isn’t just what we do best; it’s also our passion. Our customer service representatives are standing by to answer your questions; we offer service in Espanol. If you’re ready to experience all that modern laundry offers, call us today at (1)-239-208-5216 and begin your path to hassle-free laundry facilities.

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