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September 17, 2015 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Card Operated WashersAre you searching for a way to draw in top tier tenants in addition to potentially generating extra revenue? If so, you may want to invest in an onsite laundry facility with smart card operated washers. Designing and implementing a fully functional onsite laundry area will quickly catch the eye of potential renters when they view your multi-housing rental property. In addition, prospective tenants will not only be thrilled that there is a laundry area nearby but that it is also state-of-the-art, using a simple smart card laundry system. Recently, The National Multi-Housing Council did a study to see what amenities were considered the “must-haves” by renters. Did you know that an onsite laundry space was listed in the top three? Knowing how important this amenity is to entice tenants and help maintain or increase renter retention, it may be time to look into commercial laundry options for your property.

While many of us imagine traditional, coin-operated laundry equipment when thinking of commercial laundry areas, times have changed. Managing a coin-operated facility often meant a larger time commitment in order to collect coins, handle bookkeeping and also maintain the coin sliders and vault boxes. Today there is an easier way…smart card operated washer solutions. With this high-tech solution, you remove the need to collect coins and significantly decrease your time spent on bookkeeping. With a credit card washing machine and dryer, you may also improve your chances for generating more revenue with your tenants, as they are more likely to use a simpler and faster system.

Card Operated Washer Solutions – How They Work

Now that you are more familiar with smart card operated washer solutions, you may be curious as to how exactly they work. For starters, when you team up with Commercial Laundries, you will have a CleanPay kiosk set up onsite within your laundry area. Think of the CleanPay kiosk as your centralized terminal for transactions and refilling smart cards. Tenants will be able to add any amount of money at this terminal to their smart card via their debit or credit card. Once the money is successfully added, the CleanPay kiosk will eject the refilled card to the tenant and they can begin doing their laundry. A simple swipe of the smart card in the slider attached to the washing machine is all it takes!

How Smart Card Operated Systems Can Benefit You

Now that you know how simple these systems are for tenants to use, you may be curious how they can also benefit you. For starters, could you use a little extra time each week? If so, these laundry card systems may be just the answer. If your onsite laundry facility has used coin-operated equipment in the past, then you are familiar with the time commitment. With smart card operated washer solutions, time spent collecting coins is eliminated and bookkeeping is made simpler. Also, there is less time spent worrying and maintaining coin sliders and repairing jams or damage. With our easy CleanPay kiosk, you will receive an automated and clear audit trail to help make bookkeeping a breeze.

In addition, making small monetary increases for load sizes or certain times of the week is easy compared to coin-operated machines. With coin-operated laundry equipment, increases were more noticeable as they had to be done in increments of dimes or quarters. With this system, even charging a few cents more during peak wash times can help you increase your revenue and usually is not a large enough increase to discourage tenants.

Enticing potential renters and keeping current renters satisfied is easy with our smart card operated washing solutions. Ask a team member about our purchase and lease options of new or used equipment. At Commercial Laundries, we only offer our clients the best name brands in commercial washing equipment, including Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. Doing so guarantees our customers are getting reliable, heavy-duty and well-made equipment.

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