Lease Card Operated Laundry in Miami

miami lease card operated laundry

If you are thinking about leasing or purchasing card-operated commercial laundry machines, turn to Commercial Laundries. Upgrade your apartment or condo building’s laundry center with top-quality, durable washers and dryers that have card-operated payment systems. Your residents will appreciate the convenience and so will you. 

Commercial Laundries features a wide range of commercial washing machines and dryers made by the industry’s leading brands Speed Queen and Maytag. Leasing laundry equipment in equipment means you don’t have to worry about equipment maintenance or repairs. Our skilled technicians take care of your laundry equipment for you. We also sell innovative laundry machines and repair services to commercial laundry businesses and properties. 

Card-operated washing machines and dryers will help you bring your laundry center up to speed. Learn more about Commercial Laundries and the benefits of upgrading to card-operated laundry equipment in Miami.

Commercial Laundries Has the Best Equipment in Miami

Commercial Laundries features an extensive selection of commercial laundry machines that are available for purchase and leasing. We have large-capacity washers and dryers, stackable washer and dryer machines, smart laundry equipment, and more. By carrying the most respected commercial washer and dryer brands, we’re able to attract all types of businesses and commercial property owners, including laundromats, medical facilities, apartment complexes, and more. 

We carry basic, budget-friendly commercial laundry as well as machines with the latest bells and whistles like sanitizing cycles, onboard analytics, eco-friendly operation, and more. Our equipment comes with robust warranties, and we can provide maintenance and repair packages. At Commercial Laundries, we have a reputation for our fair pricing, high-quality laundry machines, and helpful customer service staff. Let us help you choose the ideal washers and dryers for your business’s needs.

5 Benefits of Choosing Card-Operated Laundry Machines for Your Apartment or Condo Building

You can retrofit coin-operated machines with card-operated systems or buy new or lease card-operated laundry in Miami for use in your laundry center. Upgrading to a smart card or loyalty card-operated washer and dryer offers benefits for both your business and your customers. These benefits include:

Convenience for Residents

When your residents are able to use their bank cards, credit cards, or even a laundry card you issue, they don’t have to worry about saving up their coins for laundry day and lugging them back and forth from your laundry facility. Residents can easily load funds onto their smart laundry card using their smartphone or another connective device. If there’s a problem and the customer needs a refund–no problem. They don’t have to wait to make a claim and obtain their refund. 

Make Pricing Changes Remotely

If your facility wants to make price changes such as offering a discount for residents who do laundry on non-peak days, you can do so remotely. You don’t have to visit the laundry center to make the changes to pricing manually. 

Save Time

If you collect coins from your machines or rely on staff to perform this job, you can save time by switching to card-operated laundry machines. When residents pay with their laundry card or bank card, you receive funds electronically. There’s no need to manually collect coins, count them, and take them to the bank.

Eliminate Security Threats

Coin-operated washers and dryers mean that cash is routinely sitting in your laundry equipment. This can seem like an invitation to anyone who wants to steal money. It’s not difficult to break into laundry equipment and steal the coins loaded inside them. With card-operated laundry machines, there’s less risk for your apartment complex.

Access Your Laundry Equipment Remotely

Smart laundry systems allow owners to access analytics for the machines remotely. Each day, you can easily log into the platform to find out how much your machines have earned as well as other information like how much water and energy have been used. Keep track of your profit margins from the comfort of your own home.    

Can Tenants Still Pay with Coins?

Yes! Tenants can still pay with coins if your laundry facility maintains some coin-operated laundry machines or retrofit your machines to include coin operation and card operation payment systems. Hybrid system washers and dryers give your customers a choice. They can pay however it’s most convenient or preferable for them, and today’s tenants expect convenience. Contact us to update your laundry facility to include smart cards and coin-operated laundry machines. 

4 Best Brands of Card-Operated Laundry Equipment

The commercial laundry industry includes some terrific manufacturers. Some have been producing washing machines for the last 100 years. We are happy to carry some of the most respected brands the industry has ever produced. Commercial Laundries features top laundry equipment manufacturers, including:

Speed Queen

Speed Queen washers and dryers are found in leading laundromats and on-premise laundry facilities all over Miami–and the country. Laundry businesses love Speed Queens top-loading washers and dryers or front-loading laundry machines because they are highly durable. The machines are renowned for their longevity. They come with robust warranties and many different styles, including models with the latest innovations. 


Maytag is a top brand and one of the best-known brands in the industry. We carry a full selection of Maytag washing machines and dryers, including models with eco-friendly operation, smart features, multiple cycles, onboard analytics, and more. Maytag washers and dryers are celebrated for their durable designs and reliable functionality.


Whirlpool washers and dryers boast many outstanding features like modern connectivity, eco-friendly operation, self-sanitizing cycles, moisture sensors, and much more. Whirlpool is a top commercial laundry brand and a household name. 


Miele is another brand we carry at Commercial Laundries. Miele features sleek, innovative laundry machine designs and is revered for its attention to modern functionality. The company is also known for its commitment to sustainable design; many of its models feature recycled materials. 

Call Commercial Laundries to Lease Card-Operated Laundry in Miami

Commercial Laundries leases card-operated laundry in Miami. We feature the best commercial washers and dryers for lease or purchase. Leasing is a great way to get the best machines for an affordable monthly price. As you see, there are lots of advantages to leasing that your business may enjoy. By leasing your commercial washers and dryers, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Affordable Monthly Cost

When you lease washers and dryers for your businesses, you don’t have to contend with any financial surprises associated with your laundry machines. You know the cost of your leased equipment and it’s the same every month. You don’t have to worry about a last-minute replacement if a machine breaks down or expensive repair bills. 

  • Top-Quality Repairs

Commercial Laundries features a team of skilled laundry equipment technicians. They maintain and repair commercial washers and dryers as part of our service to our lease customers. If a washer or dryer on your premises breaks down, we’ll provide prompt service. We can fix the unit or provide replacement parts as needed. If the unit cannot be repaired, we’ll replace it to ensure your downtime is minimal. 

Contact Commercial Laundries today to lease card-operated laundry in Miami. Our customer associates can help you select the ideal washers and dryers to lease or purchase for your business. We can advise you about our laundry equipment’s features so you can select the best models for your on-premise laundry facility. Call us at 305-592-7990 for your FREE QUOTE today!