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Commercial Laundries Has the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment

If you operate a commercial laundry facility, you know the importance of having top-quality laundry equipment to help your business run smoothly. Your customers expect high-performing machines that produce pristine cleans in a timely, efficient manner. Commercial Laundries offers Florida residents the best laundry equipment from the top leading laundry brands. We take pride in offering our customers excellent customer service that is catered to meet your specific needs for your commercial laundry facility

At Commercial Laundries, we have a number of options to choose from that are ideal for any commercial laundry facility– multi-housing units, apartment or condo buildings, and hotels. Our laundry equipment is built for industrial use that is designed to withstand the high volume of usage that comes with a commercial laundry facility. Whether you choose to buy or lease your laundry equipment, our team is dedicated to supporting you in finding the right machine for your facility that offers the latest in modern laundry designs and innovations. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we’re excited to help you find the right laundry machines for your commercial laundry business. 

4 Top Brands of Commercial Laundry Equipment in Florida 

We value the need for high-performing machines and strive to gain an understanding of the unique needs of your laundry facility and the customers that you’re serving. The evolution of laundry equipment has seen an increase in modern features and unique functions that can handle any size of laundry load whether it be heavily soiled or light washes. Commercial Laundries has you covered with the following leading brand names in the laundry industry:

  • Maytag: This trusted brand has been popular in the laundry equipment market for decades. Maytag laundry machines come in versatile options from front loaders to top-loading washing machines. All Maytag washing machines and dryers are designed with innovation in mind. There are a number of energy and time-efficient functions that support you in getting your loads of laundry completed quickly while leaving your clothes and linens crisp and clean. 
  • Speed Queen: This laundry brand was developed in the United States and prides itself on offering top-quality laundry results through high-tech functions. The easy-to-use machines allow your customers to complete their laundry in an efficient manner with the easy-to-operate touchscreen functions. Simply choose the cycle speed, load size, and water temperature with a few taps on the screen to use these dependable and convenient laundry machines. 
  • Miele: These superior laundry machines are designed with the customer in mind. The high power functions place a focus on reducing energy usage, wash, and dry cycles that are specific to the needs of each load, and exceptional durability. Miele laundry machines are equipped for long-lasting quality cleaning. 
  • Whirlpool: Laundry equipment designed by Whirlpool is created to enhance your laundry experience. This trusted company has a focus on eco-friendly equipment that reduces the costs of operating your laundry facility while offering your customers high-quality, reliable performances. 

5 Advantages of Leasing Equipment Instead of Buying

At Commercial Laundries, we believe our customers should have options for laundry equipment that works within their budget and facility needs. We offer Florida commercial laundry businesses leasing contracts that are customized to meet the needs of your unique facility. Leasing offers a number of benefits that support your business in increasing revenue and enhancing the satisfaction of your customers. 

  • Maintain high levels of productivity within your facility. Leasing offers opportunities for you to keep up to date with modern laundry equipment. The leasing contracts allow you the ability to upgrade your equipment after a contract to continue to provide your tenants and customers with high-performing, quality laundry machines. 
  • Reduce the operating costs of your laundry facility.  We offer our customers washing machines and dryers that are designed to be eco-friendly. Laundry equipment offers functions that reduce the emission of energy and use reduced levels of water while still providing high-quality cleans leaving for linens and clothes fresh and soil free. 
  • Ability to choose from different payment methods that suit the needs of your commercial laundry facility. Customers can decide if they’d prefer a coin-operated laundry machine or a card-operated machine. Both options are available with leading brand name laundry equipment that supports your tenants in easy operation and payment for your machines. 
  • Access to onsite maintenance from our experienced laundry technicians. At Commercial Laundries, we’re committed to our customer’s satisfaction and are dedicated to the success of your commercial laundry facility. If you encounter repairs or maintenance needed for your machines, our team will come out to your facility to complete repairs in a timely manner to ensure that the operation of your facility remains smooth and unscathed. All maintenance that is completed is free of charge during a leasing contract. 
  • Delivery and installation included. Our experienced team of technicians provides free delivery and installation services. We’ll bring your washing machines and dryers right to your commercial laundry facility and do all the work of installing and setting up allowing you to have a hassle-free transition to your new laundry equipment. 

4 Benefits of Upgrading Your Building’s Commercial Laundry Equipment in Florida

We strongly believe that having access to up-to-date laundry machines helps your business flourish while maintaining the satisfaction of your tenants and customers. Our stores are stocked with the latest models of commercial laundry equipment that offer advanced functions and operations that are designed to meet the rising needs and goals of your commercial laundry facility. Upgrading your laundry machines offer a number of benefits for your facility that support increasing the productivity and overall satisfaction of your commercial laundry facility. 

  • Better quality cleans. Newer laundry equipment has modern functions that are geared toward specific cleaning cycles. From the cold wash, eco-friendly cycles, and heavily soiled laundry. Your customers’ washes will come out brighter, fresher, and thoroughly cleaned. 
  • Reduce the costs. Laundry machines have designs that reduce the energy used and minimize the amount of water needed to run a wash cycle. Your operational costs will be reduced allowing you to have extra revenue that can be used to upgrade other aspects of your facility. 
  • Minimize the need for maintenance for your laundry equipment. When you upgrade your laundry machines, you’ll be bringing in newer equipment that has a reduced risk of experiencing technical or operational repairs. 
  • Improve the overall appearance of your commercial laundry facility. When customers enter your facility, the first thing they notice is the overall appearance of your facility. These first impressions can be critical for increasing the volume of people accessing your laundry machines. Upgrading your laundry equipment improves the look of your facility and provides customers with the comfort of knowing that you care about the customers’ experience by maintaining new, upgraded laundry machines. 

Get the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment in Florida from Commercial Laundries

Commercial Laundries is dedicated to Florida commercial laundry owners and supporting you to have a successful business. We take the time to get to know you and your specific needs for your commercial laundry business. By gaining an understanding of the type of facility, the volume of traffic coming into your facility, and the goals you have for business development, our team can accurately and effectively support you in finding the right commercial laundry equipment. Call us today at 786-977-9910 or visit us in-store to hear about the many options for laundry equipment available in both leasing and buying options. We’ll help you find the right machine for you that stays within your budget while still providing high-performance laundry machines.