Where to Buy Commercial Laundry Machines in Miami

where to buy commercial laundry machines in Miami Florida

If you’re looking for where to buy commercial laundry machines in Miami, you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade from old, tired machines to the latest and greatest in commercial laundry equipment. Our modern, digital age has improved many kinds of appliances, and this also applies to commercial washers and dryers. Keep reading to discover the benefits of innovative technology at Commercial Laundries.

Washers and Dryers in Miami, FL

If you’re operating and managing a laundry room for apartments or condominiums, you need equipment that stands up to frequent use. People launder all kinds of things from comforters to shoes, and it’s essential to have tough, durable equipment in your laundry room. We carry tried and tested brands like Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and Miele. These four companies continue to research and improve laundry technology and are at the forefront of their industry. Nowadays, cashless laundry payment systems are the way to go. This process is as simple as downloading an app on a smartphone and actually proves to be more hygienic than physical money. The other added benefit is security. No physical money on your person ensures no theft, or damage to your equipment.


But you don’t necessarily need to purchase new machines, the good news is that often times the equipment you have can be converted to a cashless system. The benefits of modern washers and dryers also extend to lower energy consumption, as a high spin cycle extracts more water, meaning less drying time. Brands like Maytag even have options such as a fresh hold cycle, releasing a continuous flow of air to prevent that musty laundry smell.   

10 Advantages of New Commercial Laundry Machines 

If you’ve been thinking about replacing some or all of your machines, now is a great time to do so. Older models use more water and power, and the new generation of commercial laundry equipment is designed to use fewer resources. You can read about our commitment to the environment here. 

The benefits of replacing your older models are numerous and can include:

  1. Cashless payment system
  2. Apps to track the cycle status on your smartphone
  3. Reduced energy consumption
  4. Reduced water consumption
  5. Capacity to handle larger loads of laundry
  6. Staying balanced in the spin cycle by compensating for load distribution
  7. The power to remove any type of dirt and grime
  8. Free regularly scheduled maintenance to our lease customers
  9. Cycle features that prevent laundry from becoming musty
  10. Fewer breakdowns or mechanical issues

Buy Top Performance Commercial Laundry Machines in Miami

Commercial Laundry Inc. is a family-owned and operated business servicing Florida’s commercial laundry needs for over 50 years. Located in Miami, with offices in Tampa and Orlando, we are proud to offer the very best in commercial laundry equipment. We offer both sale and leasing opportunities and keep our 15,000-square-foot warehouse well-stocked with all the best equipment and parts. We also offer the very best in maintenance, we invest in the continuing education of our technicians to stay on top of the industry. Each of our sales regions has its own tech, which allows us to build long-term relationships with our clients. We are also pleased to offer a free utility analysis, in order to ensure each client is getting maximum performance from their laundry facilities.

Can I Lease Commercial Laundry Machines in Miami? 

The answer to this question is yes, you can lease commercial laundry equipment in the Miami area right from Commercial Laundries. We offer many different types of leasing programs and often award signing bonuses at contract renewal time. From multi-family housing to college dorms, nursing homes, spas, and more, we have leasing programs to suit your needs. Use our free utility assessment to ensure your laundry room is generating maximum revenue, or save up to 50% of your linens cost by having an on-premise facility in your hotel. 

Call us at 239-208-5216 to speak to our leasing experts, we are proud to offer communication in Spanish as well. Learn how the new cashless systems operate step-by-step in our instructional videos. Customer service is incredibly important to us, if something doesn’t sound right, or isn’t working please contact us. We’ll dispatch a technician immediately to uncover and resolve any issues.

We are The Right Place to Buy Commercial Laundry Machines in Miami

As our name suggests, commercial laundry sales and service are what we do best. We made a company-wide commitment to the environment in 2007, and follow the practices of reusing and recycling wherever possible. As a family-owned business, we answer directly to our clients, instead of a distant corporate overlord. Your satisfaction and profitability are important to us, and that radiates from our founder, our sales team, our customer service team, and our technicians. 

Our founder and chairman, Jack Stewart, started Commercial Laundries in 1972 with the mission to provide excellence in sales and service to our clients. That mission still holds true today, as the largest family-owned laundry service provider in the state of Florida. Hundreds of customers entrust us to keep their facilities working flawlessly for maximum profit. We have machines in nursing homes, schools, spas, hotels, and restaurants in addition to multi-story housing. Don’t wait until your older commercial equipment breaks down call us NOW at 239-208-5216 for your FREE quote