Five New Trends in Coin-Operated Laundry

Coin-Operated Laundry: Better than Ever 

Operating your commercial laundry facility requires careful consideration in providing your customers and patrons with laundry machines that offer high-quality products with the latest in modern features. With the evolution of laundry machines, there are many options that you should consider for your commercial laundry facilities. Although there are many options and features that you can choose from, including washing machines and dryers that offer smart-app payment methods, coin-operated laundry machines are still available and provide top-name brand laundry machines that are known for high-quality cleans. 

There is a common misconception that coin-operated laundry machines are outdated and a thing of the past. However, coin-operated laundry machines are still common among many commercial laundry facilities such as gyms, multi-housing complexes, hotels, and schools. These commercial laundry facilities find great benefits in having washers and dryers that can offer simple payment methods along with top-tier features that make your laundry experience efficient with top-quality results.

Finding the right coin-operated washing machines and dryers for your commercial laundry facility is easy with Commercial Laundries Inc. to assess the needs of your customers and laundry facilities. The volume of usage, the types of laundry that will be completed in your facility, and the methods of payment that will need to be available for your patrons are all ways we can figure out which machines are best for you. Knowing the needs of your customers will allow you to choose the appropriate commercial washing machines and dryers that will increase your customer satisfaction and the longevity of your equipment. 

Five New Trends for Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment

Laundry equipment has continued to evolve to the growing needs of customers and laundry facility owners. Maintaining the needs of your customers means providing top-quality machines. There are many benefits to consider when deciding on coin-operated laundry machines that are appropriate for your laundry facility. The new trends for coin-operated laundry machines will help you determine the appropriate laundry equipment for your laundry business to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain high-quality service for your patrons. 

5 new trends that are emerging for coin-operated laundry equipment are: 

  • Laundry machines have become energy efficient with controls and settings that focus on using less electricity and power while providing the same efficient cleaning of your clothing and linens. Machine cycles are able to run with minimal energy while focusing on high-quality cleans by adjusting the temperature and energy level settings. 
  • Energy savings work to reduce the costs of operating your commercial laundry facility. It is no secret that there are high costs associated with running a laundry facility from the high levels of power and increased levels of water that are used due to the high volume of wash cycles being completed. By operating with commercial washing machines and commercial dryers that are energy efficient, the costs of running your facility will be dramatically decreased. 
  • New technological features and advances within modern laundry equipment have come a long way from standard wash and dry settings. Modern laundry equipment has advanced where there are specific options that are designed for specific fabrics, washing instructions, load sizes, and temperature controls that will ensure that your loads of laundry are able to be completed while maintaining the appearance and integrity of your clothing and linens. The new features available help to preserve the longevity of your clothing and linens while restoring the vibrant colors and appearances to enable you to get long-term usage of your fabrics and clothes.
  • Improve the look and aesthetics of your commercial laundry facility. Coin-operated laundry machines are offered in top-name brand models that are modern, sleek machines. The progression of coin-operated machine appearances has evolved to modern designs that improve the overall look and design of your laundry facility. 
  • Diverse options for payment methods. Coin-operated machines were the original design for commercial laundry facilities. While the ability to pay with coins for these machines is a simple payment method, there have also been technological advances in society. Commercial laundry machines have begun to incorporate payment methods that will meet the needs of all of your patrons. Some customers will be looking for a digital form of payment. Coin-operated machines have incorporated options for payment that will allow customers to load payments on a smart payment card that you swipe or tap to complete your loads of laundry. Customers are able to load their smart cards through online banking or have the flexible option of using a smartphone app that will make payments quick and easy for all of your customers. Having a diverse form of payment for your customers will help to increase the number of customers that you get coming to your establishment on a regular basis and become loyal customers. 


Get the Newest and Best Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment from Commercial Laundries Inc.

At Commercial Laundries Inc., we strive to support local Miami laundry facilities with top-quality laundry machines that offer technologically advanced settings and a multitude of payment options. Each multi-family laundry facility will have its own specific needs from machines that will support the individual needs of your customers and increase the overall satisfaction of your patrons. We have a variety of options available that include top leading brand names such as Speed Queen, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Miele. These machines are designed with eco-friendly, energy efficient, and advanced features that will increase the quality of cleans produced along with increasing the longevity of your laundry equipment. 

Visit Commercial Laundries Inc. today to look at the various types of coin-operated washing machines including front-loading washers or top-loading machines and high-quality commercial dryers. No matter the type of laundry facility you operate, our team is dedicated to helping you find the best quality machine for your specific intended purposes. With a variety of smart payments and coin-operated machines, you will be able to operate a successful commercial laundry facility that will work for all of your patrons. Call or visit us today to find the appropriate laundry equipment, and get a free quote for your Miami commercial laundry facility.